Straight No Chaser: Christmas Cheers CD Giveaway

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You may be thinking, “Straight No Who?” but chances are you’ve heard the music of Straight No Chaser whether you realize it or not. A video of “The 12 Days of Christmas,” recorded in 1998 when they were a 10-member a cappella group at Indiana University and posted to YouTube in 2006, took the internet by storm with over 10 million views. If you have an internet connection, you’ve probably seen it.

One of those 10 million viewers was Atlantic Records Chairman/Ceo Craig Kallman; the rest, as they say, is history.

Here’s that original video:

SNC’s 2008 Christmas album, Holiday Spirits, spent 14 days in the #1 slot on Amazon and 5 days at the top spot overall on iTunes. Their new album, Christmas Cheers, is a fresh 15-track collection of holiday tunes, and the guys are hard at work on a new pop album for 2010.

I was able to attend both a Straight No Chaser meet and greet and concert recently in Atlanta. These guys are amazing—talented singers and choreographers, gracious, and handsome to boot—they’ve got the whole package.

Because I don’t seem to be able to operate both a film and video camera at the same time, this is only part of the song and the camera dips a bit, but here is SNC performing the pop hit “I’m Yours” at the meet and greet before the concert. If you listen at the end you’ll hear Stacie and Renee, too. The guys were incredibly nice, performing just for us and even asking questions about our blogs. They dedicated a song to Anissa, who suffered her stroke that same week.

You knew you were going to get pictures, right?





Win a Copy!

snc If you would like to win one of two copies of Straight No Chaser’s new 2009 Christmas release, “Christmas Cheers,” just leave a comment telling us this: Are you already a SNC fan, are they totally new to you, or did you see that first video and realize that you were one of the 10 million viewers who had watched their 1996 performance on YouTube?

Help me spread the word and get a second entry by sharing on Twitter or Facebook, something like: “Win @SNCMusic’s CD Christmas Cheers from @DawnMHSH” Be sure to leave a separate comment for additional entries.

You can follow SNC on Twitter @SNCMusic or @Ryansongs.

Contest ends Wednesday night, December 16.


  1. Nikowa Lee says

    My Brother in Law showed me the 12 Days of Christmas on his iphone & I fell in LOVE!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!
    .-= Nikowa Lee´s last blog ..Plan for Murphy =-.

  2. says

    I had forgotten that I was a fan until I went into Stuff Mart to pick up a Christmas CD and saw their album. I ended up buying it and sending it to my mom, though. And wishing I’d kept it for myself. :) I love men’s acapella!

  3. says

    I’ve never heard of them but they have AWESOME voices and it reminded me of the new show coming up I believe next week called “The Sing Off” where they only use their voices. I can’t wait for the show and already have it scheduled in my DVR. I LOVE voices like this!!!
    .-= Denise´s last blog ..Family Wordart =-.

  4. Genevieve says

    I LOVE “The Christmas Can-Can!” Just when I thought there wasn’t anymore fun original Christmas music…

  5. says

    They’re new to me, but WOW!! They look like they’re having so much fun! I’m going to post on FB as well, I’ll drop you a comment when I do.

  6. says

    OK – I’ve been hearing the name for some reason thought they were country! :)

    Now I AM impressed. I told my daughter to find someone like one of them to date!

    I’ll post it on facebook as soon as I figure out how.

  7. Kim says

    I am new to SNC and your blog…they are both wonderful. I am always looking to expand my limited Christmas CD collection and this would rank right up there with my favorite Harry Connick Jr and Josh Groben CDs!

  8. Danette says

    I have never heard of SNC but enjoyed the clip. We sing a cappela at church (Primitive Baptist) and think this would be a wonderful Christmas CD!

  9. Amanda says

    I saw their Christmas video on You Tube last year and I’m happy to hear that they have more music available.

  10. Jennifer Gregory Miller says

    Heard about them, but really didn’t know them until the last few weeks. I love the Glee Club and Male Accapella sound, and excited they are back together.

  11. says

    I saw their YouTube video awhile back and thought they were so great. I had kind of forgotten about them since, but they are just as wonderful as I remember! I would love to win a copy of their CD!

  12. Tina says

    I did hear the clip you posted once upon a time – but didn’t realize they had recorded cds. I have now introduced them to my kids and we would love to win a cd! Thanks for re-introducing us!

  13. Crystal says

    I just recently discovered “Straight No Chaser” just a few weeks ago! I love them! Hot guys + amazing voices = a Happy Christmas. :D

  14. Jennifer says

    I found out about Straight No Chaser when i won tickets to Jingle Jam hosted by a local radio show last year, I have been in love with them ever since!

  15. Bob says

    We LURRRRRRRRRRRRVE SNC at our house!! Loved hearing them on the radio & watching the YouTube video with ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’. So glad there is more music this year, too! Just watched their concert on PBS this weekend. Love the ‘Christmas Can Can’, too!!

    Keep it up, guys! :)

  16. Elizabeth Arsenault says

    “If you would like to win one of two copies of Straight No Chaser’s new 2009 Christmas release, “Christmas Cheers,” just leave a comment telling us this: Are you already a SNC fan, are they totally new to you, or did you see that first video and realize that you were one of the 10 million viewers who had watched their 1996 performance on YouTube?

    I first learned of SNC on YouTube singing their 12 days of Christmas. I’ve been hooked since. I try to catch them on TV or online whenever I can. They are wonderful!! I hope I get to win their CD!! Thanks ; D

  17. Jessica says

    I recently discovered this group while flipping through channels one evening in my dorm room with a girlfriend. I stopped and yelled at her to “GO BACK!” and we were both completely enthralled with their performance. Not two minutes later I downloaded The Christmas Can Can, and now listen to it religiously on a CD I burned in my car. I attend the University of Kansas, and they came here to do a show and SOLD OUT before I could get tickets! I guess I caught the craze too late. :( But I cannot wait for their next performance nearby Kansas City. These guys are awesome, and are changing the sounds of Christmas music!

    Keep it rockin’, guys.

  18. Jennifer says

    I’m a little of both, actually. I did receive an email forward of the original YouTube video during the Christmas season in 2006. I loved it and quickly passed it on to everyone I knew. Then I completely forgot about it. I stumbled across SNC’s concert on PBS last week, and it all came back to me. I have been watching the re-broadcast of that concert every time it’ has aired. I’ve made my husband watch it (three times), and he is now a fan. I’ve been begging “Santa” for the “Christmas Cheers” CD even though I’d already turned in my Christmas list. I’m circulating YouTube videos via my Facebook & Twitter pages. I got a friend hooked on them just this weekend. She downloaded Amazon’s $2.99 deal “Holiday Spirits” yesterday and so did I! I cannot convey to you and SNC just how much their music has really put me in the Christmas spirit this year- like never before! SNC is really making a difference in the lives and outlooks of a lot of people I know at the moment who have endured some very rough times recently.

  19. Sharon Rodriguez says

    I am a newbie fan of “Straight No Chaser”. They were actually supposed to appear on our early morning local news last week, but due to a blizzard they were not able to get to Cedar Rapids. They remind me so much of the “King’s Singers”, another favorite group. Winning the cd would be the next best thing to having seen them last week :)

  20. Janelle says

    I first heard 12 days on the radio last year, thought it was a little weird, but fun and creative. This year I looked them up, and the more I listen to them, the more I love their vocals and their stylings.

  21. Jaymz says

    I am both #1 and #2. Just heard of them last week and have been streaming their music from their website pretty much non-stop. Last night, I picked up their Holiday Spirits album on Amazon for the hot price of $2.99. Yay! I would love to lay my hands on their other holiday album.

  22. Juli says

    I am totally new to Straight No Chaser, but heard the Can Can on the radio and LOVE IT! Sharing with my friends! Please let me win the CD!

  23. Danaka says

    Since my hubby lost his job, my kids and I have rediscovered PBS. We saw their special and fell in love. I know the CD is on sale today, but would love a free copy this year. Next year we will have the funds back to purchase items. Thanks for promoting them. I think more stories like this need to be heard.

  24. Elizabeth Arsenault says

  25. Marybeth says

    I’m what I guess you could call a fledgling Straight No Chaser fan. I’ve happily suffered from a recent obsession with (all-male) a cappella over the past year and a half, which has been fed mostly with a cappella people’ve uploaded to YouTube. I don’t think I stumbled across Straight No Chaser until I saw their Sitcom Medley over the summer, which led me to their Teen Sensation Medley, and finally to the famed 12 Days of Christmas video. I’ve been a somewhat obsessive fan ever since.

  26. James Hale says

    I had just heard of Straight No Chaser this year when I heard the 12 Days of Christmas on our local radio station. Since then, I have been hooked on them. I think they are perhaps one of the greatest, true groups that have come along in years.

  27. Crystal Roberts says

    I was searching acappella groups one night on You Tube & after about two hours came across a video of these guys. I had NO idea! I instantly fell in love & began seeking out any information I could find. I follow them on FB, You Tube, etc. I was in Target the other night & saw their Christmas cd. I could not afford to get it right now, but would LOVE to win one. These guys are amazing and absolutely brough joy to my life!! It’d be nice to be able to listen to them all around the house.

  28. says

    I had no clue who SNC were until a few weeks ago. I was listening to Christmas music on the radio and they played “12 Days”. I was so intrigued and excited (and tickled) by that song, I went to the computer at 3 AM to find out who sang it and if they had done anything else. Needless to say, I was amazed by their story and tried to find everything they had done.

  29. Jim says

    Saw SNC’s video last year and instantly became a fan. Their 12 Days of Christmas is a great redo of the sometimes-boring classic. Thanks for hosting this contest!

  30. Liz Rowell says

    I heard SNC 12 days on my local radio station but they did not tell me the artist. I loved the song so I tried to look it up when I got home. I put 12 days of xmas and africa into and they were the 1st result. I was so happy that I not only found the artist(s) but that it was that easy to find. The guys do a fantastic job and I am happy to now call myself a fan!

  31. says

    I had no clue who SNC were until a few weeks ago. I was listening to Christmas music on the radio and they played “12 Days”. I was so intrigued and excited (and tickled) by that song, I went to the computer at 3 AM to find out who sang it and if they had done anything else. Needless to say, I was amazed by their story and tried to find everything they had done. I think these guys are great and I would love to get their CDS as a gift.

  32. Tamara Rowe says

    I just became a fan of Straight No Chaser in the last couple weeks because my friend show me their Christmas Cheer cd. I think they are amazing!!!

  33. Laurel says

    Saw them first on QVC recently then went to Youtube :) love love love their sound!
    thanks and God’s blessings to you!

  34. says

    I became I fan over a year ago when I first saw their video on YouTube (I was one of the original 10 million fans!). I am a huge fan of their music and would love their latest CD! :)
    .-= claire´s last blog ..Too Busy for God? =-.

  35. Laurie B. says

    A friend just shared the “12 days” youtube link with me yesterday, and I was hooked immediately! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win these CD’s!

  36. Holly says

    I love love LOVE SNC, ever since I saw 12 days on youtube :) No I am hooked and have told pretty much everyone I know about them!

  37. Holly says

    I love love LOVE SNC, ever since I saw 12 days on youtube :) Now I am hooked and have told pretty much everyone I know about them!

  38. Donna says

    I hadn’t heard of them until recently. They played a local venue and one of my Facebook friends noted it with the comment about how good they were. I checked out the CD on their website and listened to the cuts. FELL IN LOVE with it!! Love acapella anyway but am so glad I found out about these guys. Just sorry I missed the local show now.

  39. julia says

    I am new to SNC and your blog and they are both wonderful. I would love to win their CD. I watched them last week on our PBS station. It was their christmas special from New York City. Thanks!

  40. Kelsey says

    I’m currently a college student and saw their 12 days of Christmas Video in 2006 and became addicted! I just saw them in concert a couple of nights ago and they were simply incredible! They are great guys with unmatchable talent. I have no doubt they will go far-thanks for the video clip and pictures!

  41. Janette says

    I actually saw Straight No Chaser last year on the Today show! Loved them then and I’m so glad they are getting even more exposure this year. These guys are great! I became a fan after seeing them on the Today show last year.

  42. Dale Shillington says

    SNC is a totally new group to me this year. A friend sent me the YouTube link and I was blown away by their harmony. They are my new favorite group.

  43. Guy says

    I saw their PBS special and was COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY! I’ve been collecting a capella groups for a few years. These guys are hands down THE best! Awesome! Looking forward to their concert in May. I’m telling everyone about them!

  44. Tammy Sandeen says

    I knew them before they were an everyday name. I love them to no end!

    Their new music is great an well worth checking out!

  45. Swan S. says

    I just recently saw SNC on a PBS special and couldn’t get enough. My husband and I were so impressed with their whole show and can’t wait for them to come to Tucson this spring. I would be thrilled to own their new CD!

  46. Amanda says

    These guys rock! Some of the best Christmas music to come out in a long time! Although I live in Indiana I did not move here till 2000 so I first saw their 1996 performance on YouTube! I am hooked and so is my Husband – even my young kids enjoy it!

  47. Jaclyn Camp says

    I had no idea who SNC was until a few weeks ago. I would love to win the CD to share with my family and friends and hopefully get them into SNC as well. They would love it. Thanks

  48. Kim P. says

    I somehow completely missed the video on its first YouTube round, but a friend sent it to me about a month ago. The guys are fantastic and it’s been a lot of fun catching up on all the great music. I have Holiday Spirits now, with Christmas Cheer hopefully not too far behind!

  49. Tammy Sandeen says

    On my facebook!

    Tammy Sandeen If you would like to win one of two copies of Straight No Chaser’s new 2009 Christmas release, “Christmas Cheers,”?

    Win @SNCMusic’s CD Christmas Cheers from @DawnMHSH
    9 seconds ago · Comment · LikeUnlike · Share

  50. Ashley W. says

    I JUST discovered SNC last on a PBS special on TV! I had never heard of them before that, but I heard their voices and was completely hooked. I’ve been addicted to their music since 12 hours ago, when I stumbled on them!

  51. Jill F says

    I heard SNC on the radio last year and was absolutely thrilled with their song, and have been following them ever since. :)

  52. Jennifer says

    I was instantly a fan after I saw them on YouTube, so I guess I was one of the 10 million! I sang in an a cappella group in college, and it’s so amazing to follow SNC see our form of music getting so much mainstream attention! Thanks to SNC for giving us a way to keep this music in our lives!

  53. Jennifer says

    I *LOVE* SNC! I first heard their 12 Days of Christmas song on a local radio station and immediately looked them up on the computer – and have loved them ever since! I just got their Holiday Spirits CD a couple of months ago and listen to it all the time, I’d love to add this one to my collection! I have seen the original 1996 12 Days of Christmas video on youtube. I also would love for them to come to St. Louis and perform so I can go see them live!

  54. Lindsay says

    I first heard Straight No Chaser on the AOL Radio (Holiday Classics Channel)this year, They were amazing! I looked them up and love/listen to all of their music all the time! I even recommended SNC to my friend and now she loves them too! We didn’t get to see them perform live this year but maybe next year.

  55. Meg Paolini says

    Hoe coule you not be a fan? These guys are fun to watch and amazing to listen to–I need free copies- when I lend mine out- they never come back!!!

  56. Vicki D. says

    I stumbled upon the 12 days video last year and loved it. I bought last year’s Christmas CD and when they came to Indianapolis this year I went and saw them there. Awesome show! They are all very talented and entertaining as well. I hope they continue to make music!

  57. Kristine says

    I’ve been a huge a cappella fan since college in the early 90s and first heard SNC on the radio around this time last year. They were live on one of the morning shows, so I got to hear some live songs as well. Amazing! Their music always puts a smile on my face. I’m so glad you included “I’m Yours” here–since seeing them perform that on their holiday concert on PBS, I just cannot get it out of my head. It’s so beautiful and just makes me smile every time I hear it. :)

  58. Kimberly says

    I have been an SNC fan for about 2 years now: my initial exposure to SNC was in fact the 1996 performance of “12 Days of Christmas” on YouTube.

  59. Jessica says

    I, like most people, started my fandom with a video titled “12 Days of Christmas for people with ADD.” Now, I take the internet in the vein, but I don’t spend much time on Youtube or other video sharing sites. However, after the peals of uproarious laughter subsided, I immediately searched out the SNC channel and placated my love of a good A Capella tune by watching every single video available. The humor, the chemistry, and the energy are what make this group so fun to watch. They’re very talented gentlemen with a gift to give. Thank you kind sirs. You’ve brightened several holidays with your voices.

  60. Lauren says

    I learned about Straight No Chaser during my first week here at IU, they sang during the welcome celebration and now I’m hooked. I wish i had a CD to listen to all the time, but sadly, I do not. They are amazing!

  61. Susan W says

    First saw them on YouTube and became an instant fan. Was very excited when they started recording again.

  62. says

    I first heard of SNC a couple of years ago. My dad is a choral director, and so we are constantly passing good vocal music back and forth. I don’t remember exactly how I came upon 12 days, but I remember that my dad and I were both blown away by it.

  63. Jody Burch says

    Saw Straight No Chaser on youTube and thought they were awesome. Shared with all my friends. Got to see them live last week in Bartlesville, OK. Excellent show.

  64. Morgan says

    Hi there! I have been a fan of SNC for a long time…I’m an Indiana girl! My friend Ryan is a member of SNC. I’ve been a “cheerleader” of his for a few years, supporting his solo career and now for SNC! They are amazing and I am so very proud of them and what they are accomplishing with their lives. When they came home to Indiana for their concert on the 5th…the show was sold out and many standing ovations for a well deserved group of talented men!

  65. Machelle says

    I just heard about these guys this past weekend and searched them on You Tube. I’m totally hooked and re-posted on Facebook to make sure everyone I know gets to see em!

  66. Leslie Ortega says

    It would be sooooo awesome to win a cd of theirs. I added them on myspace just to hear their voices when i log on. Im a new fan of theirs and i am a member on their website to see them live when they go on web. woooooo..pick me pick me

  67. says

    Honestly, I have never heard of SNC, well not until a week ago. A local radio station here played a song called: “Christmas Can Can” and I found myself giggling through the whole song. So, I just had to stop everything I was doing, run to YouTube and listen to that song again, hoping it was there. I typed in Christmas Can Can and the first video it showed was of SNC. I had no idea they were a group, I knew nothing about them but I sat with my computer that day for hours watching their videos, reading as much as I could about them and even joined their mailing list. Every time I need a pickmeupper I head over to YouTube and get my fill of SNC…however, I am finding I can’t seem to get my fill. I need more, and now I’ve managed to get the rest of my family addicted to their talent. YAY!!!

  68. Diane Killion says

    My daughter is a 2006 IU grad and she originally introduced me to Straight No Chaser. Last week I decided to look them up on youtube and I watched all of their videos that I could find. So I guess you could say I am a “new” fan even though I heard about them years ago!

  69. Sheri says

    I have been a fan for 2 years now. My 9 year old daughter is also a fan and has chosen their version of “Africa” to play as background music at school during her oral project on, of course, Africa. Too cute. I would love to own their CD and have searched our town (Truro, N.S.) with no luck. Pick me, Pick me!!
    Also wish the boys would come to Nova Scotia, what a great show it would be to see.

  70. barb walker says

    I just found out about SNc through PBS special and iam hooked being a musical kind of a person i know how hard it is to sing accapella let alone in a group and to harmonize so perfectly and come up with original material like SNC does every time out I would be honoured if i could win their Christmas album and hope thes eguys strutt their stuff for a very long time Coz in my books they are the best of all the accapella groups and i include our canadian Nylons in that statement .. I love the originality ( christmas Can Can ) the way these guys are having fun doing what they love to do.. It shows. Thanks BARB

  71. Wendy Murray says

    Heard SNC for the first time this weekend on PBS and immediately loved them!!! It was 1:30 am, but I stayed up to watch the rest of the program. Exceptional voices and production! Can’t wait til they come to Orange County in the spring!

  72. Margaret A. says

    I just discovered SNC this year. My kids and I were driving somewhere and the local station that plays all Christmas music this time of year played their “12 Days of Christmas” – we were cracking up through all of it! When I got home, I looked up the video of that song on YouTube and the kids watched it over and over, cracking up every time. My husband went out and bought “Holiday Spirits” about a week ago and we’ve been enjoying that CD. I love a capella music, and would love to hear their new album. Thanks!

  73. katie b. says

    I saw their video posted on someone else’s blog! It was great. I’d never heard of them before. So, they’re new to me and I’d love to win a CD! :)

  74. says

    I had an opportunity to go to their Canton, OH concert recently, but I didn’t recall for a while that they were the ’12 days’ group I had seen on youtube long before. :)

  75. Shaina says

    I found out about SNC in 2007; my choir had performed a version of “12 Days,” and my piano instructor told me emailed me the YouTube link to SNC’s version. I rediscovered them in the summer of 2008, when I found out that they had been signed to Atlantic Records. I asked my mom to take me to their 2008 concert, and I immediately became OBSESSED. I still love them to this day; I went to their concert this year, watched the PBS special, and got my friends on the SNC fan-wagon!

  76. Noshie says

    I LOVE this group. This is my Christmas music this year. I came across them from a friend of a friend and now I’m hooked. I recently moved to Canada from Australia and now I’m telling all my friends about them. I’d LOVE a free copy.

  77. says

    I saw the original 12 Days video last year and loved it. I just discovered a couple weeks ago that they had cut CDs and were performing on tour. The local concert was sold out before I could get tickets.

  78. Laura says

    I’m one of the original 10 million! LOVE THESE GUYS! Why isn’t there more talent like this around? I guess if there was we might not know them? Can’t wait to hear this CD!

  79. Heather says

    My husband and I found SNC online several years ago. I was showing him the original 12 days of Christmas when he recognized one of the members from high school. Small world!

  80. Heather Griffith says

    i have been an SNC Fan for a few years after I saw their video on YouTube, of course! saw them in concert last week and man I love them even more!

  81. Carol I says

    I just became a fan this year! A friend shared the YouTube video and I was hooked. I love the sound!!!

  82. Patty Mumford says

    I became a fan this year after hearing them on Sirius radio and then finding their website and watching their video for the Christmas Can-Can

  83. Mindy says

    Just 2 weeks ago I was laying in bed at 1am, flipping channels, I set the remote down to take a sip of water when I heard the most tantalizing sound that has ever graced my ears. It was 10 men creating the most beautiful music that I have heard in a very long time. The best part was the only instruments used were their voices. I continued to watch in sheer awe and wonderment, asking myself who are these guys and why was I not aware of them. After the show eneded I immediatly went online for another dose of SNC. I couldn’t get enough and still can’t. So for only being a fan for 2 weeks, Im pretty sure everyone I know has heard me talk of them or I have forced them to take a listen. All I can say now is Im hooked and looking to be an SNC fan for what will possibly be a lifetime.

  84. Jason Maier says

    I first heard of SNC while I was in school at IUPUI (sister school of IU), one of my friends had your first CD and I BORROWED it from her for 3-4 months listening to it over and over again. I had been in choirs my whole life and enjoyed acapella but had never heard it done the way you guys performed it. When I heard your 12 Days of Christmas on the radio here in Boston (where I currently live) I had to go buy your album…the arts are important to me and to support “smaller” (as far as exposure) groups is something I am always trying to do.

  85. Amanda says

    I’ve been a huge SNC fan for some time now. Last year I got in trouble with my sister for it. I ordered their Holiday Spirit album for myself the first chance I had. My sister promptly informed me that I have no business buying myself things in December, and that I had ruined her Christmas gift to me. Love SNC and can’t wait to own their latest album!

  86. Katie says

    i am a new fan, got free tickets to go see them at a local venue last month,and loved them! i had seen the 12 days of christmas medley on youtube before, but didnt make the connection until my sister explained it to me on the way to the show.

  87. Shaina says

    Oh, and I tweeted about the concert. I’m @shainae12.

    I also thought I’d mention other the SNC members who tweet:
    @thedude_nyc (DR)


  88. Pam says

    I discovered the SNC video while going through my first divorce Christmas. The cheer they spread was immediately shared with friends and family!

  89. Konnie Robinson says

    Saw the 12 Days of Christmas video on YouTube & shared by e-mailing it last Christmas. Have shared it on facebook this year. Made my self a “fan” quite a long time ago. Last night I recorded them on PBS! I will show that to my family this Christmas, it is my turn to host the Family Gathering! :)
    I do not own a hard copy – yet… :)

  90. Amanda Donald says

    I have been a fan since the youtube come back. I love the first two albums, but haven’t had the extra cash to get this one. I follow them on FB, Twitter, and their website.

  91. karla says

    My co-workers just introduced me to SNC 2 weeks ago, showing me one of the You Tube videos and I am hooked. These gentlemen are truly gifted!

  92. Tracey says

    I’m a completely NEW fan. Had never heard of them before they popped up as an Amazon recommendation. Love em!!

  93. Marcia says

    I was lucky enough to live in Bloomington, IN in the late 90s and was at the concert where they first did The Twelve Days of Christmas. I was blown away and so happy years later that they got the fame they deserve. I also heard them in Atlanta, where I live now.

  94. Aubury says

    Just found out about them throught a friedn on Facebook and I was hooked right away. Love the way they sing.

  95. Rachel Viers says

    I first heard Straight No Chaser when I was a freshman at IU in 2001. I have been completely hooked ever since. I was even personally sang to by one of the guys during a private show at my sorority a couple years later! I love these guys so much and am so happy to see them become successful on a National level. I tell people about them every chance I get (and am proud to do so). I even have a copy of the DVD the guys made that includes ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ that went viral and got them signed. I own a copy of one of the CD’s (actually two, if only I could locate the second one) they sold while still only performing at IU. I would love to own this one!

  96. Cindy says

    I recently just came across their 12 Days of Christmas YouTube video and fell in love with them! The group is amazing and I would love to see them in concert (figures that I “found” them the week before they were in my area and didn’t find out until the day of!)

  97. Matthew HUrst says

    The First time I heard Straight No Chaser was over the radio. And I loved it from the start. I was in a Barber shop a couple years ago and we sang some songs similar to that and it is great to hear a group that is so well belended but at the same time such a diverse variety of christmas songs.

  98. Jennifer Evans says

    We became fans of SNC last Christmas after seeing their video on You Tube. I had to have the CD and rushed out to only find out it was sold out everywhere!Finally got my CD this Christmas but would love to have the Cheers CD. My 4 daughters love them as well! Merry Christmas!

  99. Sandra says

    I am fairly new to SNC – I believe I’ve seen a YouTube video before but I was recently turned on to them by a former pastor of mine! These guys are SO talented! I am completely in love with this group and defintely would like to add their Christmas CD to my music collection!

  100. Jessica says

    A couple of weeks ago, I saw SNC on our PBS station! I did some research about them to see what their story was. And soon after that I was hooked! I’ve listened to almost every song I can find over and over again! Everyone of the guys have such great voices and are so much fun to watch when they sing!

  101. Amanda says

    I just heard The Christmas Can-Can on the radio a few days ago, and thought it was hilarious. I googled it to see who sang it and stumbled across their YouTube channel. I was an instant fan, and reposted the video on Facebook to recruit more people. I’ve already gotten my entire family hooked on them! I wish everyone could have that much fun ‘working’. :D

  102. Cindi Idle says

    I have enjoyed Straight No Chaser for a couple of years now. I own their first CD and would love to have their latest. Thanks for the opportunity to win one! Merry Christmas!

  103. Kate says

    I just found a link to The Twelve Days of Christmas on a blog on Saturday and absolutely fell in love with SNC. I can’t quit listening to their songs; they’re all so good. I’d love to win their CDS!

  104. janet says

    Brand new fan, way too clever & good looking! I’d love a to win a cd to share with all my chilly Canadian friends. It would warm their hearts!

  105. Jenn D. says

    I watched the video last week and loved it! Immediately signed on to their mailing list and asked for all 3 CDs for Christmas :-). It would be lovely to win one instead!

  106. Boiler84 says

    “If you would like to win one of two copies of Straight No Chaser’s new 2009 Christmas release, “Christmas Cheers,” just leave a comment telling us this: Are you already a SNC fan, are they totally new to you, or did you see that first video and realize that you were one of the 10 million viewers who had watched their 1996 performance on YouTube?

    Help me spread the word and get a second entry by sharing on Twitter or Facebook, something like: “Win @SNCMusic’s CD Christmas Cheers from @DawnMHSH” Be sure to leave a separate comment for additional entries.”

  107. Martha Meier says

    I am new to Stright No Chaser. Last week, a friend was playing it in her van and I love love love acapella music, and these guys are no exception, they are wonderful and witty as well. Had to look up their website when I returned home and have been listening to them ever since. Too Fun!!!

  108. Christi says

    I saw that first video and realize that I was one of the 10 million viewers who had watched their 1996 performance on YouTube? (per FB)

  109. Miriam says

    I heard them on the radio and became an instant fan, so I guess I would say I am already a fan! I think SNC is awesome!

  110. Jessica says

    I saw them on the local news this morning (Chicago) and I became an instant fan. I immediately ordered some cd’s to give away as Christmas gifts, but would love to win one for myself!

  111. Sara says

    I had heard SNC for the first time just last week and I just love these guys. Would love to win the CD!

  112. Amber says

    I first heard them on the radio singing 12 days and thought wow, they are an awesome group. I bought their CD that same day. Keep up the great work guys!

  113. Vivian Herrmann says

    Heard them on the “John Tesh Radio Program” last year! Then saw the youtube video & visited their website. I had wanted to see them in concert last May in Chicago, but sadly it did not work out…Would really enjoy the free cd, though!
    Merry Christmas to you & those very talented SNC guys! (Love their name!!!)

  114. Isaac says

    Myself and my brothers heard the original YouTube song and were so impressed we started singing accapella ourselves! I’d love to win one of these for Christmas – it would be a present the whole family would enjoy!

  115. Brandi says

    I began listening to Straight No Chaser around 2001. I began college and most of my friends were part of an a cappella choir. We listened to the music of other college groups around the country, one happening to be Straight No Chaser. Since 2001 I have had one CD of about 10 songs handed down from friend to friend that we would listen to constantly and was extremely happy to hear that they were reforming and putting out new music. I was fortunate enough to catch one of their concerts this fall 2009 year and look forward to the tour in 2010.

  116. Terri says

    A new fan! I went to Wal-mart today to look for thier CD’s and they don’t have them (at least not the one in Easton, PA). I had seen them on our local PBS station last night and they were great!! And one member is from Allentown, PA (I used to live in Allentown when we had moved in to an apartment there)! Hope they put out many CD’s and hope that I can find them somewhere!!

  117. Deanna Milositz says

    I first heard SNC on the Deliah Show on 100.7 WLEV Lehigh Valley. I actually sat at a stop sign in my car with my daughter listening to the 12 Days of Christmas and we just loved it. Went inside the house and looked them up on line. They are terrific. I have heard that one of them is from Forks Township, not far from where I am and will be on the Shep and Shelly show tomorrow morning (WLEV 100.7) I am so excited. I went to the Palmer to purchase their CD and FYE did not have any. I was sad.:-( SNC is great, my son listens to the you tube every day now.

  118. Charlotte says

    I am a new fan of Straight No Chaser due to seeing them on NBC10- they were amaaaazzzzing!! A group of handsome, talented men giving me a reason to want to listen and WATCH Christmas caroles again!

  119. Wende Jackson says

    I have like straight no chaser for a few months. I’m not sure how I came across their music but I will tell you i LOVE it and I’m so glad SNC found their way into my life and heart :)

  120. says

    Oh wow! I recently found these guys after hearing their christmas medley on the radio and I am completely in love! They are awesome! I would love to win their Christmas CD and play it all season long!

  121. Amy says

    Already a fan! Saw the video last year and bought some CD’s to give away as Christmas gifts….awesome!

  122. Raney says

    I was driving home from the Star Wars in Concert Saturday night from Indianapolis. I was listening to a station that is playing nothing but Christmas songs right now. Then I heard it…The 12 Days Of Christmas. That was the best thing that I have ever heard. I was laughing so hard that my son thought that I had gone mad. I can honestly say that I am officially a huge SNC fan!!! How great would it be to get one of their CD’s for free and at Christmas time? Thanks for the chance!!!

  123. Tara says

    I’ve been a fan for a while, my husband was surfing around Youtube and found them and introduced me to the group, the first thing I saw was the Sitcom Medley and was hooked, they’re awesome, the harmony is amazing and they are so funny. Would love to win a CD.

  124. ampraises says

    Are you already a SNC fan, are they totally new to you, or did you see that first video and realize that you were one of the 10 million viewers who had watched their 1996 performance on YouTube?

    I discovered SNC just last year and LOVE them!!! I would love to have their Christmas Cd, but more importantly, I was planning on buying it for my sister for Christmas. She loves them even more than I do, and it would be so awesome to win a copy for both her and me, rather than buying it!!!

  125. Karen says

    Heard for the first time yesterday “Christmas Can-Can” and loved it. Then later I heard “The Twelve Days of Christmas” and loved that too. I hadn’t heard of the group before and then heard 2 songs that were really great. I now can’t wait to get there music. These guys are great!!

  126. says

    I am so unbelievably jealous right now I can’t even stand it! I LOVE these guys! Ever since I saw them last year (one of the 10 million), I’ve been wanting to see them in person. Unfortunately when they are in my area, my hubby’s group is doing a Christmas performance at a mental institution. I know in my heart that our ministry is there, but it’s been really hard to fight off that jealous feeling of wanting to go see them in person! Ack! You lucky dog!
    .-= Lisa B @ simply His´s last blog ..Stop beating yourself up =-.

  127. Lori says

    I’ve been a fan of Straight No Chaser (and all a cappella) since they were a college group and am so happy to see them having success as a professional group now.

  128. Paul says

    I saw the original video last year and immediately downloaded their newly released album Holiday Spirits. I think it is amazing their talent was discovered 10 years after that video was made and they became an overnight sensation. I have been a fan ever since and excited about the songs on their new Christmas album!

  129. Debora Kerr says

    I am a SNC fan from the original performances. They came to mind again this season so I Googled and discovered they were back together and recording!

  130. Linda Carreiro says

    i actually first heard of you when i was listening to a christmas radio station. i went into you tube in hopes of finding you and i did ;-)
    i’d love to have a copy of your music… i thoughly enjoyed listening to you, brings a smile to my face!

  131. Cat says

    I love SNC. Been following them for years. Here in Florida, I can not find a store that has their CDs. Please help me out

  132. Crystal says

    Love SNC! First heard “12 Days” on the radio last year and immediately put Holiday Spirits on my wish list. I got it! I’d love to get Christmas Cheers!

  133. says

    I’ve been a fan since I saw the you tube video a few years ago. I love acapella music and am glad to have found another great group!

  134. Brian says

    I had first seen them in 2006 on the YouTube video clip, and absolutely love their arrangements, and their delivery and stage presence. Very talented group!

  135. Josh K says

    Heard them the other night on TV and had to investigate. Now I can’t wait for tickets to go on sale for the spring leg of the tour, when they’ll be around my hometown. I really enjoy acapella.

  136. Heidi Smith says

    I am relatively new to SNC and absolutely love them! I am a huge fan of A Cappella music and tie that in with their funny antics and creative approach to the traditional songs…. you can’t go wrong!!!

  137. Mikki Guerdet says

    SNC is pretty much totally new to me. My brother was telling me about them just the other day, and then a good friend of mine told me he was a fan and I should check them out. Well, needless to say, I did just that, and instantly fell in love with their music. I have always loved a capella music, and these guys have set a whole new bar when it comes to that. They are amazing!

  138. Christian_MP says

    I discovered Straight No Chaser a couple years ago, while surfing the net looking for Christmas songs to sing at church. Saw the YouTube video, and the rest is history :) I ordered their Live at Alumni Hall DVD (when it was still available) and CD, and that CD has been in my CD player at least a few days a week ever since. I was totally psyched when they got signed and when Holiday Spirits came out. These guys are amazing, and coming from someone who sings, I am in awe of their raw talent to sing without any music….because I know how hard that is! I haven’t had the chance to pick up Christmas Cheers yet, but can’t wait to get one! Merry Christmas SNC and fans!

  139. Angie says

    A new fan indeed! Last night trying to find something to watch I stumbled upon my local pbs station from houston then bam there they were! I love it! Such great voices and the dance and comedy schtick isn’t too bad either. :) Totally awesome and can’t get enought of them!

  140. says


    SNC is new to me..someone told me about how good they were on a TV program they watched,so I googled them and watched the Christmas Can-Can video.I was very impressed so I bought the Holiday Spirits album and sent their link to all my friends on Facebook and Myspace. Take care and Merry Christmas!

  141. Tim says

    We have loved SNC since we fisrst saw the 1996 video a coupld yeras ago. Can’t get enough of them.

  142. Tricia Reynolds says

    I confused two different groups when I was looking for the “Christmas Can-Can”. When I finally found it I listened to more of SNC’s songs. They are awesome. My 10 year old sat with me listening to them last night. He said he needs to download their songs. They are good. Wonderful music.

  143. Kim says

    I am definitely a new fan!! I saw them on PBS a couple of weeks ago as I was channel surfing and I watched until the end!! Then, they were on last week again and I got my 13 year old son to watch and he thoroughly enjoyed the music!! He said he wished his middle school had a program like that!!! :-) What a joy to listen and watch!! That’s what music is all about!!

  144. Mary says

    I first saw SNC a couple of weeks ago on my local PBS station and loved them. I immediately googled them, became a friend on Facebook and have been listening to them on the internet every since. I love the Christmas Can-Can! Great music guys!!

  145. Cheree Rothenberger says

    I am a stay at home mom of 5. I homeschool my 3 youngest children. We saw a SNC video on youtube of the 12 days of Christmas and we were hooked. We then had to watch all they had listed, with anyone who came to our home. We also posted some on our facebook page. We love these men. It is good for us to take a break from our school work just to watch one of their videos, they make us laugh and feel good. We are hoping to win the 2 cd’s. Our family would just love to someday meet these gifted men. Wish they would make more cd’s. Thanks so very much for a chance to win some cd’s. The Rothenberger family

  146. Lori Wood says

    I am a new fan. Heard them for the first time on my local radio station singing the 12 Days of Christmas and love it. My parents both went to Indiana University ~ unfortunately they have both passed away and I can’t share this wonderful music group with them. I would LOVE to win the CD!! LOVE THEM.

  147. Sorjei says

    I was just told about them a few weeks ago, and I can’t stop listening to/watching them! Best Christmas songs I have ever heard!
    I tweeted about this :)

  148. Melissa says

    I think I was one of the original 10 million (doesn’t sound very exclusive, does it?). I’m a choral singer and conductor myself and was just blown away by the originality, humour and sense of fun SNC has onstage. Their tone is phenomenal, and they don’t take themselves too seriously, something I can definitely appreciate. Since then, I’ve been recommending them to every other choir geek I can find, and they are definitely one of my favourite a cappella groups of all time!

  149. Amber says

    I absoulutely love there version of Carol of Bells. It is one of my favorite christmas songs and Holiday Spirits is my favorite christmas CD. LOVE THEM!!!!

  150. Rachel says

    Our family was blessed to see SNC this past Saturday night in Lawrence, KS! Our homeschool group had tickets and we decided it might be fun, and boy, were we blown away!! We had not heard of SNC before Saturday, and we now are devoted fans! We would love to win a Christmas cd!! I’m technologically challenged and don’t know how to tweet, sorry!?!

  151. Joseph says

    These guys are awesome! I’ve known of them for the last couple years from radio play here in Denver; perfect holiday music, especially the 12 days before Christmas!

  152. Lane says

    I’m a new fan. Heard “Twelve Days of Christmas” on our local soft rock station (they play Christmas music 24/7 from Thanksgiving throug Christmas Day.) When they switched into “Africa” I was permanently hooked.

  153. says

    My dad sent me the 12 Days video this morning…that’s the first time I’ve ever seen or heard of them. I love their style though, love that they use comedy and joy in their music. I am addicted to Christmas music and always, always looking for fresh versions, so much so that I will even risk bringing home Christmas CD’s from Goodwill! I am so picky about my music, says my daughter (age 13, you know how that is) that I am thrilled to have found a group I can listen to without cringing at the lyrics. And even if I don’t win the CD I appreciate the chance to blather on about my opinions (my husband says I should start my own blog). I shared it on FB too and I have 193 friends all over the country so that should be good for your blog too! Merry Christmas!

  154. Carla Rodriguez says

    I have been a fan of the guys since I saw the video on you tube (a friend sent me the link) it didn’t even have a million views yet. I spread it around to anyone I came in contact with, and they told two friends and so on. I even own a copy of that original concert, which has long since sold out. I was very happy to hear they were picked up for the record deal. It was even more exciting to finally see them live in Michigan this month. You can be sure I will be spreading my SNC addiction for as long as I can. Twitterign and FB’ing this as soon as I finish. Have a very merry xmas!

  155. says

    I’ve been a Straight No Chaser fan for many years now. Back in 2000 I was singing with an all female a capella/show choir and loved it. After finishing school I was really missing performing live and seeing other talent so I started scanning Youtube and Myspace for other A capella groups. I ran across Straight No Chaser’s “12 Days of Christmas” on Youtube about 2 years ago and immediately fell in love with their talent and showmanship. I found their site through Google and purchased their first 2 albums. I never cease to be amazed by their dediation to their craft and raw talent. I believe they’re one of the “Greats” of this generation.
    .-= Tina Gaston´s last blog ..Tina Gaston commented on a discussion topic =-.

  156. Shelly Miller says

    Hi! I am a new fan as well. I came across SNC music by accident and I was completely floored when I watched the “12 days of Christmas” video for the first time. The sound of all their voices together is absolutely amazing. I went through the website, and appreciated all the songs listed there that one can listen to. Amazing….just amazing.
    I thank them for sharing all their talents with all of us!!
    I hope one day they may tour through where I live!
    Shelly in Canada

  157. Patty says

    I saw them for the first time last year on the YouTube Video then heard it on WDOK, a local radio station. I purchased that and several songs on itunes. I found them on Facebook this year and saw the Can-Can video on YouTube and went back to itunes to purchase a few songs.

  158. Carrie says

    I stumbled on SNC when I was flipping channels one night. My local PBS station was airing a concert of theirs in NY. I love A Capella music, especially sung by men so it was a given that I would stop and watch. But what really hooked me was the humour and the intricate weaving of multiple harmonies. I love it!

  159. Melissa Johnson says

    Brand new fan – a friend sent me the link this weekend to their Christmas Can-Can song. LOVE their harmonies!

  160. Katie W. says

    I saw these guys on YouTube a couple of years ago, and thought they were fabulous!! I shared the video with all my family and friends! These guys are absolutely great!!! I would love to go see them in concert!!

    Katie, the straight no chaser fan!! :)

  161. Leisa nelson says

    I got to see snc when they came to Atlanta too. I was so amazed at them. I took my 74 year old mom. She really enjoyed it to. They are a great group of guys. I hope to get to see them in April of next year when they come back. Keep up the good work speading the word about them. Happy holidays, Leisa Nelson

  162. Amber says

    “All of a sudden” SNC was a FanPage on my FB… I thought my husband did it thinking he was logged into his FB… but now that SNC has been playing ALOT on PBS in our house lately I’m starting to realize he’s hinting at what he wants for Christmas =-)

    Now, that I’ve seen them do 12 Days of Christmas I definitely remember seeing it in years past. It’s a riot!!! By the way – our 1 year old claps along to the Can Can, it’s his favorite.

  163. Jeanne says

    I had checked out their previous album from the library, and saw the PBS special. Great group! Listening to their webstream now….. Yum :-)

  164. Maryann S says

    First time ever today on WGN Noon News. Catchy name – makes you say who, what?!? Then you cannot stop listening! Love to hear fresh, new holiday music. A must have for my collection which includes about 50 cds of various types including polkas and Hawaiian.

  165. Katie kerian says

    I am one of the original 10 million viewers who saw “12 days” on youtube. I have been a fan ever since I was emailed the link to the video. I love how the group get along on stage, and how they add thier own style and humour to the songs. The “Christmas Can-Can” is a great way to continue this SNC tradition. Amazing job gentilmen and keep up the great work!

  166. Janie says

    New fan…only found out about SNC since our DISH satellite TV started playing Christmas music and they were on. Awesome sound. I was telling my brother about them, and he pulled up the 12 Days of Christmas video on youtube. HOW STINKIN’ COOL!! Quirky fun guys. Thanks for entertaining us!

  167. Lynda says

    I saw a story on SNC a while back and then watched them on YouTube. Immediately, I became a fan. As a music educator, I’ve shared some of their music with my students (upper elementary) and they LOVE it!

  168. Brad Holloway says

    I am a new SNC fan and I absolutely love them!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome vocals and harmonies. My favorite new vocal group of all times!!!!

  169. gloria says

    I am definitely a new fan. I saw them for the first time yesterday on PBS station. and ran to their website afterwards. They are terrific,
    and would love to see them when they come to Texas.


  170. Cheryl says

    I first saw the “12 Days of Christmas” on youtube last year about this time. My cousin had linked to it on her Facebook page. I’ve been hooked ever since! We saw them perform in Pittsburgh a couple months ago and can’t wait for them to return in April.

  171. says

    I saw SNC last year on YouTube and had a feeling that they were gonna hit it big someday. I’ve been a fan ever since. What a nice surprise when I saw them on PBS the other night! I’ve been telling all my friends and family, too! They’ve been coming over so I can show them SNC on my TiVo!

    You are so lucky that you got to meet SNC in person. I would love to see them perform in concert. Hopefully I can get my hands on some tickets, I heard they are getting sold out FAST.

    All of the members are fantastic! I can’t decide which one is my favorite! Thanks to you for spreading the word about such a talented group!
    .-= Sherryl´s last blog ..Sherryllyn: Win @SNCMusic’s CD Christmas Cheers from @DawnMHSH =-.

  172. Kirstin Shrode says

    I am already an SNC fan–I went to Indiana University, and even though the original members weren’t there when I was (graduated 2003), I’m a huge fan. And I’ve seen that first video before and love it. :-) Thanks for the chance to win what promises to be a great CD, and Merry Christmas!

  173. Sam says

    Are you already a SNC fan, are they totally new to you, or did you see that first video and realize that you were one of the 10 million viewers who had watched their 1996 performance on YouTube?

  174. Laura says

    Just recently discovered them & LOVE them! Went to their concert in Indy this month, they are just outstanding!

  175. Tammy says

    My sister introduced me to SNC last year. I fell IN LOVE with them! Listening to them brought back such fun memories of singing with my friends in high school and college. The sound is awesome and I just enjoy them so much. I was delighted to see their PBS special a couple weeks back. They are wonderful! Happy to hear them being played on our Sunny radio station this year too:-).

  176. Roy E Pearson says

    I first saw Straight No Choice on the 2008 Christmas in Washington special and was blown away. I was taping the special to watch later and showed to friends, and then lost track of SNC. A couple of weeks ago I stumbled unto them on a PBS fundraiser that showed the new DVD from New York.

    These guys are great. A Capella sing has always been a favorite of mine. People say these guys sing without music, but for as long as there has been man the human voice has been a musical instrument and in our early days it was accompanied only by percussion. I love music in all forms but A Capella puts together music and the power we have as people when we work in unity for a common goal.

    What a wonderful present at Christmas, Hanukkah and Quanza time.
    .-= Roy E Pearson´s last blog ..Ghosts of Christmas Past =-.

  177. Jennifer Hawkes says

    I heard Straight No Chaser last Christmas and I absolutely fell in love. When ever I hear them sing I can’t help but smile. My mom and I just absolutely love them. I wanted to get it for her for Christmas but I just dont have the money to get it. And it’s hard because every time we go to Target or somewhere else that has their CD’s my mom always stops and looks and goes “Someday”. These guys are just amazing! I would love to see them in concert, thats for sure.

  178. Carren Heartley says

    Definitely number 3 – saw the first video and realized I had fallen in love with them back in 1996!!! :)

  179. Catherine Santini says

    I’m pretty new to SNC (about late August of this year) when my select choir in my school started looking at repertoire for our first concert. Our teacher chose one called “Africa”- the SNC version, and it was an instant hit. After the first day of sight reading it, I went online and looked up everything SNC I could when I stumbled upon the 12 Days of Christmas video. I sent it to everyone I knew (via Facebook) and our choir is even trying to arrange the song for our caroling gigs this season. I’m currently trying to go see them in concert soon!

  180. kre8iv1 says

    My husband turned me on to your [SNC’s] music years ago, but every time I hear a new CD of yours [theirs], I feel like I am meeting you [them] again for the first time. =)

  181. Lorrie Judd says

    SNC is new to me but I love the music I have heard from them so far. I saw the 12 Days of Christmas Video on face book from a friend. I can’t wait to hear more. I wish they would come closer to my area than Anaheim. I have already told others about their music and will continue to share about them.

  182. Showers321 says

    I’m a brand new fan! I heard them for the first time on the Christmas radio station here in Dallas, and thought they were fabulous! Thanks for the opportunity to win some CD’s! I can’t wait to hear more SNC!!

  183. Tommy Tunes says

    I heard these guys riding down the road today listening to the live version of 12 Days of Christmas. I called the radio station regarding SNC and he mailed me their website. I so impressed with their harmonies and the timing on their songs. Incredible. I too am spreading the word on this group. Haven’t checked their tour dates, but hope they make it down south.

  184. Robin says

    I have loved SNC for a long time, though I wasn’t one of the first 10 million, sadly. Last year around this time, I was driving down the road, heard their version of 12 Days and got so excited I nearly ran off the road! As soon as I got home, I googled them right away and watched every YouTube video of them I could find. Since then, I’ve been addicted! I was lucky enough to have front row seats for their show in CT in November, and then got to meet them afterward. They are amazingly talented and great with their fans. I hope to see them again soon!

  185. Jen and Doug Webb says

    My husband and I have been fans since the group first formed at IU. We have the guys first two CD’s, SNC and Last Call. We watched the guys perform at many residence halls and at the IU auditorium. These guys deserve the success they continue to receive, they are great! We are lifelong fans!!!! We got a chance to see them perform live in Indianapolis on December 5th to a sold out crowd. We are so proud of these IU alums!

  186. Andrea says

    My husband and I went to their 2008 concert during Indiana University’s homecoming on a whim and bought the first album then; we’ve been fans ever since.

  187. Joe says

    I’m a new fan. I heard their 12 Days of Christmas on an audio stream last night. Looked them up and can’t stop listening :-D

  188. Calla Meinen says

    My sister turned me on to these guys and I love them….They are funny, musically talented and just a great time

  189. says

    I have been a fan since the original You Tube video came out. I have shown the video to my students every year and now they are fans also. I ordered the first CD as soon as it was available – Yes, I’m a big fan.

  190. Renata says

    I heard them for the first time today on the radio, so I looked them up. And then I found about this giveaway on their website.
    I haven’t seen the video yet.

  191. Corinna says

    I found SNC on Youtube last year and have been a fan ever since. I’m a music teacher and really appreciate the vocal quality of a capella groups like this one. I hope to win a CD!

  192. Paulette Horner says

    I heard you guys a few months back and loved everything I heard and saw on YouTube! We tried to attend your concert in Iowa City last week, but could not make it due to the weather :-(

  193. says

    I stumbled across SNC on the PBS fundraiser this weekend, and was blown away by their 12 days of Christmas, as a big fan of Toto’s “Africa”. I’m attempting to help publicize them on our TV station by profiling their website tonight on our news.

    A gift of their CD would be nice, but not essential. Hope I win though…

  194. Christi says

    I am a new SNC fan. I was sitting in an Arby’s a couple weeks ago and SNC’s 12 Days came on, and from then on I was hooked. They are so great.

  195. Kim says

    I have absolutely loved SNC since I first heard their original rendition 12 Days of Christmas on the radio last year! They are amazing!!!

  196. Debbie says

    I saw the 1996 youtube video last year and LOVED them. I was so excited to hear their new Christmas single “Christmas Can Can” on the radio this year. In fact, it was my 5 yr old daughter who made me download it to the ipod — we can’t get enough of SNC! Winning two copies of the CD would enable me to spread the SNC word to more of my friends and family. They are amazingly talented guys.

  197. Susan K says

    I saw their first concert at the Royal Oak Music Theatre on Sunday December 6th and now understand why my daughter follows musical groups around. I felt pure joy for the entire time they were performing. It actually lasted until the following day and then I had to go back to reality. I never thought that I would be able to leave my thoughts and concerns at the door.

  198. Liz says

    I work at Radioshack and kept hearing the Christmas Can Can on Sirius about two weeks ago. Everytime I heard it I found myself smiling & laughing. One day I said to my co-worker “I wonder who this is, I love this song!” and he replied “Oh this is Straight No Chaser”. I was like, “Who’s Straight No Chaser?” and the rest is history … he showed me the 12 days video, we searched to see what other info was out there, and found out the were coming to KU for a concert. The rest is history … went to the concert, met the guys, and am loving spreading the word! Oh yeah, we play their music AALLLLL day long, we LOVE it!

  199. Yvette Cline says

    I actually have not seen Straight No Chaser’s 1996 performance of “The 12 Days of Christmas” on youtube yet, thought I’m sure it’s amazing. I was introduced to them when a friend of mine, a member of the men’s acapella group, In the Stairwell at the Air Force Academy at the time, put the song on in the car while we were on our way to a friend’s house to have a Christmas jam session. That year, In the Stairwell performed that piece at our annual Christmas concert. It was a big hit and they got a standing ovation for it afterwards. They even added to the song their own style, including some beat-boxing and singing other songs from their repertoire for the part in the middle where one member starts singing on his own. Their performance was so memorable that people had remembered it as they were coming to the concert this year, whispering to one another whether they thought the group would perform that song again. Sure enough, they did, and it was just as much of a hit this year as it was last. My roommate recently bought Straight No Chaser’s Holiday Spirits CD and played it the other night. This men’s acappella group is quality! I can’t wait to hear some of their other songs from their newest Holiday CD release!! :o)

  200. Samantha Funk says

    I am a new fan. I heard their “12 days of Christmas” on Magic 92.9 (VT station). I absolutely loved the song, looked it up on youtube and loved it! I have always loved A Capella, and our local college, University of Vermont, has a group called “The UVM Top Cats” (who are also on youtube!) and seeing SNC just made me love it even more!! I am so happy that they have a new CD out!! If I don’t win the giveaway, I will go out and buy it!!

    You go SNC! You ROCK!!!!!

  201. Jeff C. says

    I first heard SNC on the radio this year a few weeks ago. My fiance and I were driving back from hanging out with some friends and we heard the tail end of SNC’s 12 Days. We came home that night, looked up “Christmas Africa” on YouTube, found SNC and have gotten hooked… we’ve even tried to find tickets to nearby concerts (sadly, they were quickly sold out)

  202. Tessa says

    I’m a new SNC fan! I heard their version of 12 Days on the radio and immediately looked for it online–I found it on YouTube and fell in love!

  203. Jennifer says

    I heard them several years ago, but heard them on MAJIC 95.1 FM Fort Wayne this morning and had to have the new music. My husband downloaded Christmas Cheers at dinner time and I have been listening all night!!!!!

  204. Vanessa M. says

    I am TOTALLY an SNC fan!! Got to go to one of their concerts last Christmas…LOVE THEM. What a great show.
    Can’t wait to hear “Christmas Cheers”!

    Btw- love your blog. =)

  205. Susan Johnson says

    My whole family LOVES SNC!!! We would completely enjoy their new christmas album and are so bummed we missed them in Atlanta. Please enter us in your contest!!!

  206. traceystar says

    I heard SNC this morning on WGN in Chicago and I AM IN LOVE! I have never wanted to marry ten men at the same time, but now I do. I’ve been checking out their music all day on their site and on you tube. I can’t get enough!

  207. Wendy M. says

    I first stumbled upon SNC last Christmas on You Tube. And I became a fan immediately. I love their new CD too… I listen to their music off their website and would love a copy of their CD. Can’t get enough of SNC! And they’re cute too.

  208. ACapellaFan says

    I just them for the first time this year in an email from a relative. Fell in love with the music. It’s so fun to listen to. (And now I’m going to their website to listen to it when I get on the internet) :D

  209. Steve says

    I am new to SNC as of tonight. Flipping through the channels and saw them on PBS, did a web search got to their site and saw a link to this blog.

  210. Michelle says

    I love SNC! I found them first on YouTube. Love their harmonies – makes me miss high school choir.

    Makes me relive choir recitals – and the fact that Glee is on, well, that’s just making me relive my high school music days every week (in a good way)!

    Love them – would love a free CD of theirs, and love even better to see them in concert!

    Now my husband can’t say I’m a choir geek! LOL

  211. Peter says

    I saw SNC for the first time this past weekend at Soldier Field in Chicago where tehy did the National Anthem and the halftime show. The 12 Days of Christmas medley was amazing. Looking to see more videos.

  212. Ellen says

    I’m in shock! I knew these guys back in college and had NO IDEA they had made a “comeback” until last year when I briefly saw them on (I think) the Today show…maybe GMA? My brother and Jerome where fraternity brothers. I heard them singing and turned to look……couldn’t believe what I was seeing! Love, Love, Love them and so proud of their accomplishments and success! I have last year’s Christmas album and it’s still the only one I have. I would absolutely love to have another to start a collection :) Can’t wait to see them live when they come to Nashville!

  213. ampraises says

    I just realized that you are a Christian homeschooling mom! That is so awesome! I am a homeschool graduate who grew up in a Christian home, and my mom is still homeschooling my two younger siblings! My younger sister would love the Straight no chaser’s Christmas CD for Christmas, and I was planning on possibly buying it, but it would be way awesome if I was able to win it for her!!! :D

  214. Rosie says

    These guys are AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!! I heard them on channel 9, then a morning show today. Then tonight they appeared on WTTW to raise money for channel 11. They are ALL witty,charming,handsome,talented,gifted & Blessed. They moved me, beyond belief. CLEAN!! It’s a Breath of Fresh Air, They prove YOU don’t have to use vulgarity in your MUSIC to sell!! Their Next 5 shows have been sold out!! Accapala, Watch Out! Groups are going to start coming out of the Woodworks!! And Even Better, They formed their group here, in our Hoosier State, Go Indiana University! They’re coming to IL & IN sometimes in April.

  215. Annie says

    I just found this group – LOVE them – such talent!!
    trying to find out more info on them………
    it’s great to hear this type of music – instead of the heart thumping, head banging stuff that’s on the radio these days!! I wish them many years of great success!!!!! I shared on facebook as well as via email – gotta get the word out on groups like this!

  216. Nathaniel says

    I am definitely a fan of SNC! I first heard them on Youtube like three weeks ago, and I thought it was amazing. I have already bought one of their cds, but I definitely need to get their latest Christmas album. Also, I watched their live concert from NYC that was telivised on PBS last evening. It was great! This is an awesome group!

  217. says

    I found them about three or four years ago on youtube and have loved them since! I wish I could go to a concert—-I live on the west coast and have not seen them over here (yet!?). I would LOVE a copy of their new cd!
    .-= Amy Naron´s last blog ..What’s In a Doll? (lots of character, that’s what!) =-.

  218. says

    Came across their Youtube video during Wednesday of finals week of last year, and probably failed my Thursday final because I spent all of that night watching the rest of their videos. Bought the CDs, grabbed tickets for their LA show that year and this year, and shook hands with them; can’t wait until they come back again next year!

    Thanks for the chance to win! :)
    .-= Julie´s last blog ..hafelina: Win @SNCMusic’s CD Christmas Cheers from @DawnMHSH =-.

  219. cpparks says

    I have been a fan for some time. Enjoy the original group and the follow up groups. The original is by far the best. Wish they would come close to Sweetwater, Texas.

  220. Annie says

    I just heard of this group from a friend. They are fabulous – we need this type of talent instead of all the headbanging, heart thunking music on the radio these days!! I wish them luck in their career………and thank them for sharing their talents with us!!!

  221. NM_Fan says

    I am definitely a NEW fan. I heard the first song on the radio this Christmas season and immediately told my wife about it. We then researched and found all this info! We can’t wait to get our hands on some CDs!

  222. Marian says

    My sister is the one who introduced me to SNC! I used to be a singer so I understand how vocally challenging their pieces are. I am a super fan of them, but more hoping to win my sister these CDs! It very brighten her Christmas so much!

  223. Wayne says

    I had not heard of SNC until a few days ago when I heard the Christmas Can Can on the Sirius/XM Radio’s “Holly” station. Then, my wife saw that the group was on WTTW – the PBS station here in Chicago. After watching the special (and recording it to the DVR), I was hooked. This CD would be a good addition to our holiday collection next to The Nylons and Derrick Johnson’s vocal orchestra. If I win, I’ll pass along the second one to my choir director at church, who also happens to be the choir director at Naperville Central High School here in the Chicago area. One of the guys (don’t remember who) said he grew up in Chicago during the special – I wonder if he knows our director, Mr. Parry.

  224. Malyssa says

    I started to love them a couple years ago at Christmas when I heard them on our local radio station, KUDL 98.1!

  225. Darlene B says

    I saw their youtube video of the “12 Days of Christmas” and I was immediately hooked by their great sound and close harmonies. I love their music and humor!

  226. Cindy says

    I hadn’t heard of SNC until a local radio station in Louisville, KY started promoting there concert here. And when they played a couple of there songs I was hooked.

  227. ampraises says

    I absolutely love SNC!!! I would LOVE to be able to give their new CD to my sister for Christmas. We first heard them last year when a friend sent their 12 Days of Christmas video to us! We immediatly began looking up more of their songs!!!

  228. Nichole says

    My stepdad was the one to first indroduce me to SNC last year. He heard the 12 days of Christmas on the radio. After he showed me the video I was hooked. I serched for videos online and became their friend on myspace. Now this year I am addicted to the Christmas Can-Can. The holidays are hard this year since I lost my dad a month ago, and its nice to have something to make me feel the holiday spirit this year.

  229. ampraises says

    I LOVE SNC!!! I have been a fan for about a year now and would love to be able to give my sister their CD for Christmas!!! She is an even bigger fan than I, and has specifically asked for their CD. If she received this CD, it would absolutely make her day!!!

  230. Karen says

    I heard “The Twelve Days of Christmas” by Straight No Chaser playing on the radio my way into work this morning…and I just had to check them out. Sure would love to win their CD!!!

  231. david says

    yes i love strate no chaser i have willam syndrome and hering them sing makes my day and night evrey day i wake upi all was goto ther web siet just the hear them sing it gives me goos bumps i would love ther cd it make me happy to know ther are more acuppela grupes out ther i am 31

  232. Dana Beasley says

    “Win @ SNC Music’s CD Christmas Cheers from MHSH
    Love them, I heard them first on the radio and was so impressed that I had to look them up and listen to more of the songs they have done.
    Totally AWESOME!!

  233. Carol says

    I love Straight No Chaser. Heard them first last year on one of our local radio stations. And got there album from our library interloand systerm.
    Awesome vocals/music!!
    I would love to have a cd of my own.
    I try to get everyone I know addicted to the group.
    Having been in choirs/choral groups in high school…and attending concerts as an adult i am amazed at the vocal talent that comes from the guys.
    Keep up the great work!

  234. Jennifer says

    I AM a huge fan of SNC!! Have been since they started! I work at Deloitte and so do they! I absolutely LOVE their music! I’d love to go see them – when can they come to Nashville – Music City!!?

  235. Jennifer says

    Just heard about SNC a couple of weeks ago in a bit of total synchronicity. Two friends, who do not know each other, IM’d me at almost the same time telling me I had to hear something. They were both sending me links to “The 12 Days of Christmas”. Completely and totally hooked now and would love a cd.

  236. Peggy Beatty says

    My friend was just telling me how much he enjoyed SNC at the Lied Center in LAwrence KS. We oohed and ahhed over accapella and the great contrast between silence and notes. I would LOVE a christmas CD!!!

    Peggy Beatty

  237. Jennifer says

    Actually – I think only one of them works at Deloitte….I didn’t mean to imply that they ALL work there. Sorry. :/ That’s where I first heard about them though – our internal website has updates and news on them all the time. Anyway – I love ’em….PLEASE send me a CD!! I’d love a DVD – they are so much fun to watch!!!

  238. Karen says

    My Son, who thought his 62 year old Mom was cool enough to appreciate a great group if she heard one, sent me last year’s album as a Christmas gift. I have fallen in love with their musicality and style. I loaded the cd on my Itouch and have shared it with everyone who will listen with me. No generation gap here … SNC is Amazing!!!!!

  239. Tina Miller says

    While visiting my fiances Aunt, she put in the CD Christmas Cheer and I was hooked! I came home and have been telling everyone I talk to about it! Definately the favorite in our home and I would love to have a CD of my own. They are just great!

  240. Dena Smoot says

    I heard “Straight No Chaser” on the radio for the first time yesterday, and was so amazed that when I got home, I “You Tubed” them to find out all I could about them and mainly just to hear them sing some more. I grabbed my son who is a Senior in High School and we just sat and listened for quite a while. Sure enjoy the tunes… and the choreography is great too.
    Would love to win a CD.

  241. Terri Kress says

    We love SNC after hearing them on the radio here in Bridgeport, WV. My kids are totally fascinated by them, which I love because they’re good, talented musicians putting out wholesome, amazing music we can all enjoy!

    We need a CD so we can enjoy them even more all the time! thanks!

  242. coquelicot says

    OMG!!! I am new to SNC, just saw them on a PBS special. I am leamenting the time missed having just become aware of them. I’m a total fan! I am totally hooked! They are AWESOME!!! I will be giving their CDs, DVDs if I can get ’em, to everyone on my Christmas list this year. So winning the CDs would be helpful in this endeavor!

    Keep on singing, men!!!!

  243. Annette says

    My boss came into work and shared that he watched you last night on the tv. We all hit our computers and sat and watched the videos on utube. Now we are all looking to purchase dvds. Absolutely Amazing!!! I can listen to you all day and night. Keep it going strong. I look forward to hearing more.

  244. Cynthia says

    I am a new fan of SNC! I first hear the song last year and kinda had forgotten til I just heard it again on a Boston radio station, I would love to have their CD to bring back to NY for the holidays! Thanks!

  245. ohedgepeth says

    A friend emailed me The 12 Days of Christmas yesterday and I’m hooked! Have emailed and posted on facebook, declaring them my new favorite group.

  246. Sandra says

    Love you guys! First heard 12 Days last year the then scoured youtube for more on you guys. Loved all the videos I saw including Ryan and Lauren’s wedding video. Sooooo hilarious!!! Christmas Cheers is on my Christmas list for our family’s Secret Santa this year but just in case, he/she messes it up, I would love to get one from my SNC Santa. Best wishes to you all and Happy Holidays!!!

  247. Pam says

    I’m already a Straight No Chaser fan. I am an IU alum and saw the YouTube video of 12 Days in December ’07. The Denver Chapter of the Indiana University Alumni Association had been trying to get the Indiana University’s Straight No Chaser to Colorado for a few years, before the YouTube video was posted. We finally brought Indiana University’s Straight No Chaser (the then current IU student group) in for a concert in Colorado in Feb ’08 (before the original members signed with Atlantic Records, but shortly after the YouTube video had gone full throttle with over 7 million views). Straight No Chaser is coming to Boulder Theater on April 6. The Denver Chapter of the Indiana University Alumni Association has 150 seats reserved, and I have one of them!

  248. Kelly says

    These guys are amazing!!!!! My son who is in his high school choir and autistic loves these guys. They have given him the courage to join a new choir group in the spring with the rest of the mens choir called, “accafellas”. Way to go gentlemen. You are truly inspirational whether you know it or not. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa to you!

  249. Paula Purvis says

    Saw you all on TV the other night and was blown away. You all are GREAT!!! Glad to hear that you are from Indiana (IU). I live in Indiana and my son graduated from IU. Keep up the good work guys!!!

  250. Bob Lopez says

    A couple nights ago I was channel surfing and came across PBS featuring Straight No Chaser. Wow what a grate performance this was. I DVR’d the program and shared it with my wife the next evening, and she could not believe how great these guys are vocally and their talent.
    We’ve become instant fans of SNC and look forward to their visit to Anaheim next May. We will be buying a bunch of tickets to this performance for our family.

  251. Donny says

    I learned about Straight No Chaser last year around Christmas. They were on Fox performing straight no chaser. Being an avid listener of a Capella music, I fell in love with the group. I listen to their music everyday on this website while I do… pretty much everything!

  252. Denise says

    I’m a new fan of SNC, just hearing them for the first time about a week ago. I LOVE what I’ve heard and can’t wait to hear more.

  253. ampraises says

    My sister loves SNC!!! I would love to be able to give her their CD for Christmas… She’s been a fan since last year and has discovered her love for them even more this year, since they have been playing on the radio!!

  254. Danielle Stultz says

    Wow – these guys are amazing. My husband saw the video and is crazy about them too! We are new fans but will be for life!!

  255. susan says

    I first heard them on a TV special last year. I was amazed at their talent and fell in love with their story of how they reunited! I was able to buy a ticket last-minute to their show in L.A. It was a tiny theater and a great intimate setting. For $25 bucks, I got a GREAT live performance of Christmas music and their CD autographed by every member. :) I’m so happy they found success and I wish them well!

  256. Jeannie says

    My 14 yr old daughter emailed a link to their site to me tonight & then told me I had to check my email so I could listen to this groups awesome music. We both hooked & definitely want to get a copy of their xmas album!

  257. Melly says

    I saw their “The 12 Days of Christmas” video on youtube when I was looking for Christmas music online. Now I am hooked!!

  258. Meghan Sether says

    Ive been a fan of a Capella for about 4 years since i saw On The Rocks an Oregon University group perform. I was looking up A Capella music to try and find more and i stumbled upon Straight no Chaser! I love them! they’re a great group and i would have bought CD’s if i could have afforded them for sure!

  259. Kris says

    I am an old fan. Saw the video a few years ago and loved their sound. They have such incredible talent! Just saw them in concert and was speechless. WOW! Meet them after-they are just as personable and down to earth as you see on stage. They are amazing. Honestly, can’t even put in to words how talented they are.

  260. Joshua Williams says

    I saw the 12 days song first a couple years ago — love these guys. The original video is one of my favorite Christmas Songs — and my kids enjoy it, too.

  261. Jeremy says

    A Capella groups are the only way to listen to music and the God given talents the singers have been blessed with. I have recently discovered this through hearing SNC’S 12 Days of Christmas for the first time this year. I heard the song on the radio and immediately searched the internet to find out more about the song and the group. Simply electric!! Now I find myself needing to hear that song every day — it will be a sad day when the Christmas season is over and the radio stops playing Christmas songs. I also find myself glued to the new show “Sing Off.” There are some great groups on that show as well. One way or the other, I need to get a SNC CD so I can listen to them year round!!

    I miss the rain down in Africa . . .

  262. Lynne says

    I just listened to Straight No Chaser for the first time and I am blown away by this group! I checked to see if they will be visiting my area and they are coming to Tampa in April. I will be there for sure! These guys have touched my soul. They are uplifting, funny and inspirational. This is music at its best!!!

  263. Karen says

    I just heard SNC for the first time tonight; a friend sent me the You Tube link that got it all started for them and I spent the next hour (when I should have been working) listening to everything I could get my hands on. Wow, wow, wow! We have an a capella concert here in Lewiston, Maine every year and I attend religiously — not sure how these guys slid below my radar, but I’m VERY grateful to my friend for introducing me to their wonderful music.

  264. Mary Donahue says

    Today was the first time I heard the 12 days of Christmas song/video
    a teacher at the high school i work
    at showed it to me.

  265. Erik Varela says

    I heard of these guys during a live session on 103.5 two weeks ago.

    It was amazing.

    I’m not a big fan of christmas music, but they did really good.

  266. Kim says

    Heard them for the first time on KOSI 101.1 in Denver and we’re hooked! Their cd’s make Christmas shopping easy – everyone is getting a copy!

  267. Wendy says

    My husband and I were decorating our Christmas Tree this evening and had Jolly (Christmas music) on Sirius. My husband heard 12 Days of Christmas and I had to hear it. So we replayed it like three times and loved it!!!! Then just an hour or so later we had PBS on and they were playing the SNC special!!!!! We’d never heard of these guys and suddenly we heard them twice in one night!!!!!! We both loved the tv special and can’t wait to get their CDs! :~)

  268. P Rivera says

    Are you already a SNC fan, are they totally new to you, or did you see that first video and realize that you were one of the 10 million viewers who had watched their 1996 performance on YouTube?

    I just learned about SNC while listening to Sirius/XM’s Christmas (Holly) Channel. I heard the song Christmas Can-Can and enjoyed the group’s funny lyrics and singing.

  269. Christine says

    I was listening to Chris-Mix in Las Vegas and heard the 12 Days. It was my first time hearing it and I fell in love at first sound. Of course I looked them up right away and listened to them and enjoyed all of their songs. I sent their link on to many of my friends as my little holiday gift to them. And purchased a few cd’s also…. So thank you! And Merry Christmas!

  270. Susan E Coburn says

    Regarding your SNC contest: The group is new to me via QVC’s regular broadcast. I saw them advertising a CD by a 10-voice a capaella men’s ensemble, so I ordered a copy. I started playing it as soon as it arrived.
    I cracked up at Randy on “Mr. Grinch.”
    Then I discovered their website.
    These guys are GR-R-REAT!

  271. Posha Church says

    I work third shift and was on my way home after another long night. Had the radio on in my car and heard their 12 Days of Christmas. It was great! I was laughing and enjoying it so much I forgot how tired I was. As soon as I got home instead of going to bed I turned on my laptop and searched them. I LOVE these guys! I was in choir all my school years, and I never heard anything quite so wonderful and uplifting. They are amazing! Definitely got a new fan here. :D

  272. Heather says

    I just saw Straight No Chaser on a public broadcast this weekend and loved it! I never heard of them before that broadcast. They are a very entertaining group and Im looking to buy tickets to go see them in my area. I hear about them all the time now they are a big hit and I cant wait to see them! :)

  273. Van Wadley says

    I am a new fan of Straight No Chaser and believe it or not had not seen any of their videos until last night – and I’m and band and chorus director.

  274. Susan says

    SNC is ‘The Bomb’…these guys are not just a delight to watch, their music inspires the best in a person! They came to Oregon in October, but I was not able to get off work to drive to where they were playing (KF & MFR). I see they will be in Oregon again this coming May, and you know I’m gonna get the time off to go see them in Bend. They got to see Crater Lake National Park and it looks like they really enjoyed that. I haven’t been able to find their Christmas cd here in our little town (very little town), but hopefully I’ll get a copy of it soon. I watch their videos on U-Tube all the time! You guys are GREAT…thanks for having the guts to put this group together and share your talents with the rest of the world :)

  275. Candace Reigrod says

    I just heard “The Christmas Can-Can” on my radio and was laughing my head off – while waiting in traffic! I loved the sounds, the lyrics, everything! I kept listening and heard a few more of their holiday songs – love them! I had never heard of them before, but I’m glad I did! :-)

  276. says

    SNC performed at our Annual Holiday Show back in 1996. While it wasn’t the original group, they were good. My husband and I got to see SNC just a couple weeks ago at the Murat. They were fabulous. I’m surprised I haven’t worn out the CD by now.

  277. carrie says

    I’ve heard them sing before (thank you, YouTube viral video) but just recently found their website and I’ve been listening ever since! Thanks for the giveaway!

  278. Jay Stoneman says

    Wow you guys rock i can’t belive the way you changed christmas music into the cool icy freeze music you created i now listen to you guys and im gonna facebook and twitter everyone i know about you guys because i want everyone to know how awsome you guys are. my favorite song is 12 days of christmas best christmas song ever. also im gonna tell everyone i know to go to your concerts
    i know at least 50 people that go all out to your concerts. one of my best friends laughed so hard he fell down a hill one day walking to school. EVERYONE ALL OVER THE WORLD SHOULD LISTEN TO SNC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kids adults teens elders should all be happy listening to snc music
    YOU GUYS ROCK !!!!!! :p

  279. Patty says

    Saw these guys when my kids showed it to me. Both my son and daughter are in a capella groups at their university. Love the harmonies!! This music appeals to all age groups and all music genre listeners :-)

  280. iamsas says

    I was one of those that saw the 1996 U Tube video, but didn’t remember that until now. I knew I loved SNC in 2008 when I heard 12 Days around the holidays. Since then, I have become more interested in a capella music and shows. You are amazing and entertaining! Keep up your incredible talent! I’ll be looking forward to a show in Oklahoma.

  281. Felice says

    Really brand new to them. A friend just referred me to them and I am already loving the music. CAn’t say that i have seen the video before, but glad to hear their music now.

  282. ampraises says

    My younger sister and I have been fans since last year!! We love this group, and she has been asking for their CD for Christmas! I would love to win this for her… :D She would be soooo excited!!!

  283. Megan says

    I am brand new to SNC music…a friend had become a fan on facebook so i checked them out. So glad I did!!!!

  284. Joy Brown says

    I just heard about Straight No Chaser TODAY. I asked Facebook friends what gets them in the Christmas spirit and one friend responded she’s addicted to Straight No Chaser’s CD. I decided to look them up, and now I’m addicted too! It would be great to win a free CD for myself, I’ve already thought of two friends to give the Christmas CD to who would love the group as much as I already do!


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