Camera Phone Friday: I’m at the Southeast Homeschool Expo Edition

I‘ll be working at the Southeast Homeschool Expo at Atlanta’s Cobb Galleria Centre in the Quaver Music booth this Friday and Saturday, although I’ll look different since I had a LOT of hair cut off today. At the moment it’s a sassy new do. Tomorrow—when I’m fixing it myself—well, who knows.

It’s probably best not to radically change your hairstyle the day before you leave home for two days, but what’s done is done. Gah!

Camera Phone Friday Week #22

1. McDonald’s display 2. Make a joyful noise 3. Yep. I’m here. @Moes_HQ 4. Hibachi!
5. Reading on the way to church (or am I instagramming instead?) 6. A favorite combo
7. Help wanted ad in my kitchen :) 8. Just cut most of my hair off! #beattheheat

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Camera Phone Friday

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  1. says

    Ditto Krissa above, both The Help and The Haircut! Stylish new cut for a big weekend :) Also love the help wanted sign in your kitchen! I’m so very tempted to jog over to Galleria and come and visit so many of you lovely ladies there. I spent days at GHEA back in May and feel like I have a full homeschool tank. But, still…
    I’m so enjoying the camera phone Fridays. Thanks again.

  2. says

    The new do looks cute! Golly, I have the same problem anytime I get my hair cut…it looks great until I wash it. It’s just never quite the same after that ;-)
    Anna-Leigh´s last [post] ..Droid Friday