Whoo Do You Love? A Necklace Giveaway from Lisa Leonard’s New Fall Collection!

Lisa Leonard Whoo Do You Love Necklace

Lisa Leonard not only makes beautiful hand-stamped jewelry, she’s an incredibly sweet and generous person. On our (in)courage authors trip to Hilton Head earlier this month, one of the first things I saw was a table spread with assorted boxes of jewelry and other goodies, gifts from Lisa’s new fall collection.

My husband can tell you that I can take forever to choose a new pair of shoes, an entrée on a menu, or a movie at the theater—I analyze selections to death—but the Whoo Do You Love necklace was love at first sight.

I wear mine almost every day. Comment below for a chance to win this whimsical little owl for yourself, too!

*Adore* my new necklace from @lisaleonard

My husband and sons think this artsy fartsy Instagrammed photo makes it look like I have a hairy chest. (I don’t.)

Backside of my new @lisaleonard owl necklace

The winner gets to customize the back with names, words or a short phrase—up to 5 lines!

Enter to win a “whoo do you love” necklace from Lisa Leonard! (do one or all, leave a separate comment for each)

  1. Do you wear jewelry on special occasions or daily?
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Giveaway ends Tuesday, September 27.


  1. Chandra says

    I wear jewelry daily :) lately? The Lisa Leonard little bird necklace I finally purchased from her site. Follow her blog and LOVE her products! It’s all amazing!

  2. MaryBeth says

    I wear jewelry every day – I feel naked without it. If I was lucky enough to win this one, I would wear it every day! Thanks for the chance :)

  3. Darleen Priday says

    I wear jelwelry everyday, but something tells me if I win this I will not get it away from my daughter!! Cute piece!

  4. says

    Wow I love that necklace. I wear my wedding ring other day, but most other jewelry I save for special occasions. What I love about this necklace though is it’s perfect for everyday!

  5. Leigh F says

    I don’t usually wear jewelry. I have 4 kids and work full time and just don’t think about putting it on. I am trying to make more of an effort now to wear some.

  6. Leigh Ann O says

    What a great necklace !
    I have a bunch of kids and work as a school nurse, so I don’t usually wear jewelry because it seems too formal.. I love simply beautiful things like this. It would be a delight to wear, and would be a great point of focus for scared kids in the clinic. : )
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  7. Danica Esche says

    My mom would absolutely love this! She loves owls and puns (she’s an English Professor).
    I could see this as her birthday present with the grandkids’ names listed on the back.
    I could also see myself with this…I mean “Whoo” wouldn’t?

  8. Carol I. says

    I would love to wear jewelry everyday … but, it ends up being a little hit and miss! I love this necklace … tooo cute!

  9. Lisa Stichweh says

    Love this and so will my girls! In fact, my 11 year old will most likekly claim this from me if I win it, but we will share!

  10. Lara says

    I wear my wedding ring everyday. But, I would wear this necklace too!!! I love owls and it’s very cute!

  11. says

    I do wear jewelry daily but it’s the same necklace and earrings every day. I love unique things with an artistic flair. The “whoo do you love?” necklace fits that perfectly! A treasure.

  12. says

    The only jewelry I wear every day is my wedding ring…and on special occasions I wear more…or when I’m going to be away from my kids I wear my necklace with their names on it…but I always mean to wear jewelry on a daily basis…it’s just something I don’t always remember. I love this necklace though!
    Krissa´s last [post] ..Cold Season Immunity Boosters

  13. says

    I have some jewelry that I wear all the time, and some that put on when I’m going someplace real. Like not home. With the kids. Like a grownup. :)

  14. says

    i always wear my “true love waits” ring but will sometimes wear some fun rings i have and bracelets when i want to be a little dressy. i love this necklace!!

  15. Michelle says

    Oh, I was so lucky to win a $100.00 gift to Lisa via Tip Junkie..I chose the Brave Love Necklace and sundrop earrings and wear them both every day…all day. I had such a hard time choosing that I made my Bestie decide and shop for me, I have my beautiful children’s names around my neck all day and night :0. I would love to win and give this to her! She loves owl’s and we love our friendship so much! Thank you so much for giving me the chance!

  16. Cee says

    I wear jewelry daily–actually, I have on my Lisa Leonard tiny squares necklace today, which I got almost two years ago. Love it!

  17. Anna says

    Simply adorable! Reminds me of my babies. ;). WhooWhoo do you love? I’d love to see more of Lisa’s jewelry.

  18. says

    I wear my wedding ring always. If I leave the house then I wear my medical ID bracelet and usually a necklace too. I have gotten out of the habit of wearing earrings since having a baby. I need to start wearing them again now that my daughter is old enough to not be pulling them all the time.

  19. Sharon Driskell says

    I love casual jewelry like this and I don’t wear jewelry that often (except Sundays) because I don’t have enough “fun” stuff like this! What a cute necklace I would love to win it!!

  20. says

    I don’t wear necklaces but it would be a great gift to my daughter so far away in South Africa who is adopting three precious babas… I know who I love… next to Jesus that is!