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Do You Hoard Blessings? today at (in)courage


Confession: sometimes I withhold blessings from others. Maybe I don’t pay a compliment that’s deserved because part of me is jealous. Maybe I don’t bestow an encouraging word to a child whose behavior angers me. Maybe I disagree with my husband and then don’t extend an olive branch out of pride.

Everyone loses, even if I’m the only one aware that it’s happened.

Read the rest of this post today at (in)courage, and while you’re there you can download December’s desktop wallpaper!

You actually have two wallpaper choices for the month because I made one for readers at The Post, too!

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  • Bekka December 6, 2011, 12:55 pm

    I was waiting for this! Thank you, Dawn! I love them both :) And thanks to OS Lion, I can use them both at the same time!

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