The 30 Day Shred Facebook Support Group

I was in a state of blissful ignorance when I ordered the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred on a late September day. I’d heard it was effective, but not much else. I lost my innocence in a hurry when I ran out and threw up in the middle of Day 1.

Yes, I did.

Obviously, that first day scared me a bit and I only did the workout 3 more times until a couple of weeks ago when a doctor’s appointment made me realize that I’m actually having health issues—primarily excessively swollen ankles, which can lead to blood clots—from lack of exercise. My doctor recommended walking 2 miles a day, but winter temperatures brought Jillian and the Shred (what does that mean, anyway?) to mind.

I watched the DVD counter carefully: it was somewhere between the 15- and 16-minute mark when my body decided it had had enough on that first day. When I finished and lived to tell, I posted it to Facebook, as I have every time since then. The crazy thing is that other ladies are jumping on the 30 Day Shred bandwagon with a growing number either ordering it or dusting off neglected copies.

It’s a personal victory every time I pass that 16-minute mark and it’s getting easier. I finish stronger than I start and my ankles improved by the second day.

I’d thought of starting a private Facebook exercise support group, but then we wouldn’t keep adding new members. We sometimes exceed 50 responses in the comment thread on a status update. It’s fun to laugh, compare notes, and encourage. Believe me, I need encouragement to keep slipping that DVD in the player each day.

I’ve currently punched and lunged and crunched and jump roped and chest flied/flew/flown and listened to Jillian talk about “phoning it in” for 7 days (not counting the original 4) until I think I could recognize a “false message of lethargy” just as quickly as the next gal.

I won’t name my fellow Shreders here, because there’s “no shame” in bailing (I turned that one around, didn’t I?).

Have you ever tried the 30 Day Shred? Did you finish? Did you switch to levels 2 and 3 or stay at 1? Are you doing it now? (Do you want to?)

[Yes, that’s an affiliate link up there. If you decide to order the 30 Day Shred, feel free to click!]


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    Whoo hoo! (And believe me, I almost never ‘whoo hoo’…) Alright, alright; I’m in. I’ve loved our Facebook convos lately. Maybe we should compare biceps at Blissdom?

    Or not. Kidding.

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    I’ve only ever made it to Level 2 and then I get lazy, go back to Level 1 and then, well, stop all together. I want to WOOHOO with Tsh, I want to do it too!! :)

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    Tsh, that bicep comparison thing might give me an extra push (or lead me to wear long sleeved shirts with very tight wrists on them . . .).

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    Joy, I’ve got the itch to maybe attempt level 2 for day 11. I haven’t even looked at it, yet, although my kids did and they didn’t have nice things to say.

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    Jen, I understand your grouchiness. I would feel that way if I’d been coerced (by someone other than Jillian, of course). Mwahahaha!

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    I will be continuing today! I’ve been doing the “shred” off and on for about 6 weeks. I count yesterday as my official first day, since it’s the first time I did the workout with actual weights. I finally broke down and bought some, so I used them, and OUCH! Those chest flys (flies?) are NO JOKE. I’ll be sticking with it this time! I have to! My husband is in the Air Force and goes to the gym 5-6 times a week and looks GOOD, so I feel like a slob next to him. I can’t let the hubby’s grand physique intimidate me! It will motivate me instead! Good luck ladies and I hope to hear a lot of great updates from you all.

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    Honestly, I’ve been looking for someone to help keep me encouraged through this whole 3o Day Shred thing. I have been walking between 1-2 miles a day for the last 3 weeks, so I thought maybe I could give the Shred another try – I still can’t make it much past the warm up – shamefully. So I give up.

    If I had somewhere to hold me accountable (me post photos, times, befores/afters) and receive some support, I think that would be really helpful. It’s been hard enough getting on the treadmill each day.
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  8. Angela says

    I ordered 30 day shred about 3 weeks ago but didn’t actually start doing in until we had a big snow storm that kept me away from the gym. Wow! I’ve been shocked at what a good work out it is. I’m usually sore the next day. Still very much on level one.

  9. Betsie says

    I have amde it to level 2 and then I injured my back and have not done it in a couple of weeks. My goal for 2012 is to workout 300 times this year. Hopefully I can still make my goal even though I’ve missed so many. I think it’s a really great workout and the more I do it, the more excited I get about it. She’s brutal, but it works!

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    Wow! I just bought the 30-Day Shred last week, and I’ve done it three times. What a great idea to start a support group for it. I’m not much of an exerciser (I’m healthy and at a good weight, but I would love to be a bit more toned.), I’m more of an outdoorsy person…snowshoeing, hiking, biking, walking my dogs. Will definitely be joining the group! Thanks!

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    I’d love to join! That Jillian DVD taunts me every time I open the cabinet. I’m ready to give it another shot. Could you give me the link for your group? I looked for it on fb, but there are pretty many shredding groups out there…

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      Marie, I just emailed you the link. Unfortunately, Jillian taunts you even when you play the DVD, too. (Okay, maybe that’s fortunately, since the bullying seems to get results.)

  12. Debbie says

    Ok I’m going to give this a shot. I think following along with others will get me motivated to stay with it for 30 days! Motivation is my toughest obstacle right now and I definitely do feel better when I’m doing something. What’s the FB link?!

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    I started this almost 2 weeks ago, after having it sit and collect dust for almost a year. I was doing great, slowly getting stronger with level 1. Then, 2 days ago, I hurt my neck/shoulder while milking cows (hubby and I have a dairy farm), so I’ve had 2 days off. It feels better today, so maybe tomorrow I’ll be back at it. Just in the 8 days I did it, I’ve lost a few inches. Maybe someday I’ll get over my fear of moving up to level 2 :-)
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      Mary, sorry about your injury! I had an old injury that flared up just before I started doing this. I try to be careful not to aggravate it, but it may be helping strengthen my shoulder again. Of course, mine was an old injury, not a new one.

  14. Bridget says

    I got this Dvd a yr ago along with her fat burning metabolism boosting Dvd. Jillian has changed my life! I know I am capable of so much more than I think. I don’t do the dvd consecutively for 30 days. I work out five days a week and rotate this video in once a week. Its good to change up your workouts to avoid bordem. Netflix has lots of great workout Dvds. Jillians video is a killer. I have tried all three levels and I always feel great after doing on of her videos. I kinds wanna puke too but after a few times it gets better lol!

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      Bridget, why didn’t I think of Netflix?! I’m going to try this other video after I get a little more comfortable with the shred.

  15. julia says

    i’ve followed your lovely blog for months, but this is the first time i’ve commented. “the shred” amazing. i got it as a x-mas gift and have been doing it for 3 weeks. the changes are remarkable — and i’m a girl who goes to the gym 4 times a week and works out with a trainer once a week for 30 minutes. believe it or not, i think “the shred” pushes me more than my gym workout or trainer.
    keep going. really. you’ll be soooooo happy you did!!!
    and if you get a group together, i’ll join!!

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      Yay, Julia—thanks for commenting! I’m really encouraged hearing from someone who’s just a little further ahead of me.

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    I read this earlier in the day and contemplated commenting then chickened out. Then I went to my yearly exam this afternoon and the scale hasn’t changed much since the appointment I had a couple of months after my 22mo old was born. So, I’m on the bandwagon. Now I just have to figure out how to make this work! I’ve done the shred before and gotten to the 3rd level but I’ve never done it 30 days in a row. I’m a little nervous but I will hit submit, I will, I will, I will……

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      Sara R, I’m extra motivated now because I currently weigh more than I ever have when I wasn’t pregnant. I guess age makes weight harder to control. I just know I really don’t like it!

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    I’m in if Tsh is in. Ugh. I have used the video before and like it but never actually did it consistently for 30 days. But I can try!
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  18. Tina says

    I own this DVD but I haven’t used it in a long time. I’m willing to go for it again. Although I have to admit as much as I like Jillian I always end up cursing her about halfway through! At one point I did make it to level Two. I guess now I’d have to start over from scratch. I’m in a weight loss contest at work so I think this would be perfect.

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      Tina, I think this will make you a winner in that weight loss contest. When I google searched for 30 day shred photos, they were *amazing*!

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        I lost 6 lbs the first week! Although I have also completely cut sugar from my diet…which probably has something to do with it too. :)

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    I saw this on Facebook from SimpleMom. I was doing great using the 30 day shred dvd…I think I did it for 9 days (not consecutive, but over 11 or 12 actual days). then on Tuesday (of last week), I feel down in my driveway and killed my hand – push ups and weight lifting were definitely not an option. Now I can’t get myself motivated to do it again. So if you’re still taking people in your group I would love to join!

  20. Charlotte says

    Can you send me the link? I’ve tried numerous times to stick it out but quit cause of lack of motivation.

  21. says

    I came over after Simple Mom shared the link. You’ve motivated me to finally pull the DVD I bought weeks ago off the shelf and just do it! I’d love to be in the group. Can you email me the link as well?

  22. Diane K says

    I just happened upon your blog and saw this post. I’ve never heard of this dvd but I’ll try anything at this point. I’ve been walking/jogging on the treadmill and haven’t been getting the results I would like so I just ordered this dvd and can’t wait to get it in the mail and start my 30 day shred. I would love to join your support group if I can. I can use all the motivation I can get.

  23. Brittany says

    I’m also interested in the link for the Facebook group. I just got the DVD and have done it several times, bu motivation would be awesome! :)

  24. Jasi says

    totally looking for a 30DS buddy. i started it last year and saw a huge difference by day 15. i dropped it by 22. SO sad. someone hold me accountable and i’ll do the same for you. =)

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    I’m so glad I found you all (thanks Simple Mom!)! I have been doing the 30 day shred as well. I am currently on day 8 and am already amazed at how much my stamina has increased. The first day I thought I was going to DIE. I’m planning on moving up to level 2 on day 11….maybe. :) I would love to join the Facebook support group too if it is open to anyone. There is strength in numbers!!

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      Amanda, I did day 8 today. I’m not sure about weight loss, but there’s definitely muscle and stamina gain going on here. I’m thinking about moving to level 2 on day 11, too, which is next for me!

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    Oh yeah! I’m in! Again. I missed you guys those days I was away. I think my biceps even missed you. And Jillian. And the girls. And all that fear, leaving my body!

  27. Jaime says

    I’ve started the shred several times, but never get past day 4 or 5. I’d love to join the group for an extra push. I weighed yesterday and weigh about the same now as the day before delivering my first baby…yikes!!!!!

  28. says

    I so want to follow with you. Our family began this together for a couple weeks, but I am having trouble with some health issues and still trying to find what is wrong. This may make me try again and harder, even if just to exercise lightly. Thank you for encouraging others on this journey and keep it up!!! Continue on!!!
    Always Experiencing Him,

  29. amy says

    I’m on day 3 and my legs/arms ache SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!Hoping that will go away soon. I tried to find the shred group on facebook but can’t seem to??

  30. Charity Gonzalez says

    I just wanted to say I hope you pushed through and stuck with “the shred”. I have gone through the dvd about three times now and each time I am amazed at how my body changes and I become stronger. Just wanted to say good for you for sticking with it. I tend to moan and complain until I reach level three at which point I moan and complain but I am seeing results so its only half hearted complaints. Good luck and I love the blog by the way!

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      Charity, I’ve hit 40 days now, usually doing it once or twice a week since the point where I hit 30, with some walking/jogging mixed in. Three times—wow!

  31. Cindy J says

    Can anyone tell me if this is a good starting point? It sounds more like a routine for those already in pretty good shape to begin with. I am so unfit and weak. I guess it’s not a coincidence that I asked God to help me in finding a way to get physically stronger and then I come accross this information. Should I do something different first and then upgrade to this or just go for it? Need suggestions. Thanks.

  32. says

    I have this DVD, but have been intimidated to start it. I’m out of shape, but desire to get fit and healthy so I can enjoy more active and fun family time. I get winded too quickly. I’d love to join your group for encouragement, and to hear how everyone is doing thus far. :)
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  33. Norain says

    Hey i have using jm 30 day shred, just finish workout i’m on level 3.. Now its day 23.. My figure did look more smaller and my skin is cleaner, 30 day shred really give me energy.. I usually cant run or when i walk upstair i usually feel tired, now i can run upstairs many time, my energy boost is amazing, and seriously my body is changing, dint lose much of my weight, but i definitely gonna use this vid over and over until i get my perfect body.. :)