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Imagine my surprise when I couldn’t post a Camera Phone Friday this week because there were no new Instagram photos!


Am I tired of the app? No. Unfortunately, I’ve just been too busy to stop and savor the moments.


And so today I used both my phone and my camera.


Treasures everywhere: health, sunshine, happy kids, baseball. If I don’t capture it, will I remember? Will they?


Will an image hold special meaning for one of my children . . .


a hidden gift that’s mine alone to give?


Have you used your camera lately? Do you print your photos or share them digitally?


  1. says

    Hi Dawn,

    Great clicks. It’s so wonderful to have happy, hearty times with family and be able to capture the moments. You rightly said, if they are not captured, who will remember the great time spent together. I think, when we look back at the happier times through such pictures, it makes the family bond even stronger.

    I love to use my camera as much as possible and often share the pictures digitally these days. Cheers :)
    Rita Kunnan´s last [post] ..Bluehost 3.95

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