The Oreck Magnesium Vacuum Giveaway: Because Photoshop Can’t Clean Your Carpets in Real Life

Oreck Magnesium

[Entries are now closed for this giveaway. The winner is comment #20, Elizabeth Johnson.]

I try to be as transparent as possible, but admittedly things on my blog don’t always look the same as they do in reality . . .

Oreck Magnesium vacuum cleaner

Yep, sometimes I perform the Photoshop equivalent of dusting and vacuuming my home for blog photos. Unfortunately, Photoshop won’t clean my house in real life.

The good news is that I like to vacuum.

Even better news is that now my kids want to, too, thanks to our new Oreck Magnesium vacuum cleaner and Ultimate Handheld Vac.

Oreck Magnesium vacuum cleaner

Oreck Magnesium I knew the Magnesium and I would get along just fine when I watched the video on their website (the arrow in the picture will show you where to find it). My favorite part is when they drop the vacuum cleaner down a flight of stairs. They’d be crazy to include that if it wasn’t tough, right?

At first I was surprised by how simple the Magnesium is: no pull-out hose and no attachments. I thought I would really miss those things until I remembered that the hose on my old vacuum cleaner hasn’t worked for months and the attachments are all broken or lost.

I like having the Ultimate Handheld Vac as a separate unit. When we’re in frantic, somebody’s-coming-over power-cleaning mode—which is how most of ours occurs—one person can vacuum while another uses the handheld vac to clean stairs or baseboards or blinds or those AC intake vents that always look dirty.

My eight-year-old daughter is responsible for cleaning the stairs going up to her room, but she’s never been able to vacuum them. Now she does it easily using the handheld vac with its shoulder strap.

Oreck Magnesium vacuum cleaner

There’s a lot to love about the Oreck Magnesium:

  • It’s lightweight—only about 7 1/2 pounds.
  • The cord is long enough to stretch across the whole room.
  • It feels self-propelled.
  • It has a high setting for carpet and a low setting for hardwood or tile.
  • It can lay almost flat to slide under furniture.
  • I was able to assemble it by myself!

The Magnesium has a hefty pricetag—$500—but feels built to last. We’ve used a bagless vacuum cleaner for the past few years and I felt smart saving that extra expense, although it seemed like a decent amount of dust escaped again when I emptied the canister. I was afraid that the Magnesium bags would fill up instantaneously, but we’re still on the originals. I need to find out where to get replacement bags.

One of you will win both an Oreck Magnesium Vacuum Cleaner and the Ultimate Handheld Vac, a combined retail value of $600!

How to Enter

Mandatory entry: Visit and tell us one thing you learned about the Magnesium.

Additional entries (if you really need this vacuum!):

  • Follow @Oreck on Twitter.
  • Like Oreck on Facebook.
  • Sign up for Oreck’s email list by clicking on “Sign up for Email” in the top navigation bar and entering your email address.
  • Tweet about the giveaway, mentioning @dawnmhsh and @oreck with a link to this post. Sample tweet: Win a vacuum cleaner dynamic duo from @Oreck and @dawnmhsh     {Click here to tweet it!}
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If you jump through these extra hoops please come back here and leave separate comments for each of them so that you’ll get the extra entries! 

{Contest closes next Monday, April 25, 2012, at 12:00 noon EST. I hope you win! Visit The Gypsy Mama and Amy Bayliss for more Oreck giveaways.}

This shiny new vacuum cleaner was given to me to review for free from Oreck. I can’t guarantee that your children will ask to vacuum, but it seems to be working for me. Opinions expressed are my own. 

The giveaway winner must be a resident of the U.S. 48 contiguous states. Oreck Corporation provided the prize for the sweepstakes but is not the sponsor of the sweepstakes.


  1. says

    I even signed up for their emails. Can you tell how dirty my floors are by how badly I want this vacuum? I wish I could photoshop out the crumbs in the carpet. Although, then I’d have to learn photoshop. Never mind, I just want the vacuum. :)

  2. Kelli Allen says

    The name comes from the frame–built with a “strong, durable magnesium frame.” Our family likes (needs) durable! Thanks for the op to win this beauty.

  3. Paula Legg says

    Oh my! This has so much suction power! And lightweight would be great for my 2 story home!

  4. says

    i visit the oreck site, and learned all about the vacuum, what stood out to me most is that it can virtually lay down flat while you are trying to vacuum under low spaces. I also like that is has the twospeed quickswitch that allows for smooth transition between surfaces, for example bare floors or high pile carpets.

  5. Tracy Moore says

    I also follow Oreck on Facebook and previously commented about that, but do not see that post.

  6. Kathleen Parker says

    “so much power it feels like it’s self-propelled on most surfaces” This sounds wonderful. My vacuum says that it adjusts the height automatically, but it lies, lol.

  7. Laura says

    I learned why it was named the Magnesium – lightweight yet stronger material it’s made out of. And that it uses only 1/3 of the energy of my other vacuum!
    And that I really need one. :)

  8. Laura says

    This really is an incredible giveaway! I sooo need a new vacuum! I can hardly carry mine upstairs and often just wait for my husband to carry it up for me. On top of that, my children are all terrified of our present vacuum because it’s so loud! Seriously – even my 10 yr old! So I don’t have them helping me, but with this one, I’ll bet they would love to vacuum. :) We’ll see.

  9. Rachel says

    Magnesium is the lightest full-powered upright! And since my vacuum is dying, I so want to win this!!

  10. Darleen says

    Visited the Orek website- interesting how the suction path is direct as opposed to the bagless vacuum.

  11. Lisa Stichweh says

    30 ft cord on upright and 20 ft cord on handheld – love that feature for big rooms and going up the stairs!

  12. says

    Visited the Oreck site. Um, LOVE that it’s only 7.7 pounds!! My stairs always look awful because I don’t like to lug a big ole heavy thing up and down 2 flights of stairs!

  13. Stephanie Flateau says

    I would love a new Oreck. I learned you get 3 free maintenance checks per year with this vacuum.

  14. Jennifer Timm says

    I really love how flat it can get! Also the fact it can survive a trip down the stairs …amazing!

  15. Pam Daugherty says

    Twitted, Liked, Signed up and commented! Would love to have a new vacuum, I sweep up a small dog everyday!

  16. Wendy Doepp says

    I commented, followed on Twitter, liked on Facebook, signed up for email, tweeted and pinned! Would love to win since my current vacuum is on it’s way out! lol

  17. says

    Hi Dawn! :) Great giveaway!
    I visited the site and looked over the specs on this cool vac, and it looks like the Oreck we used to own (loved it!); I love all the features! This one is different:
    “Easy Snap Cord”
    The new ‘Easy Snap’ cord clip is the smart way to keep the cord where you need it … not where you don’t.

    So, pick me! pick me! :)

  18. Linda Godwin says

    I was very impressed with the Oreck vacuum especially the fact it is light weight and has a long cord

  19. Karyn Halls says

    I love that it lays flat so I could vacuum under my furniture without having to move that furniture!

  20. dawn weeks says

    I’m amazed by all you do. I know this vac helps and I’d love to have one too.

  21. Margaret says

    I learned that it has a magnesium frame, hence the name, and that it is stronger than many types of steel. My vacuum couldn’t withstand a tumble down the stairs. It can barely withstand me changing the bag. :)

  22. says

    This has GOT to be my lucky one! I am still stalking you Oreck!! :)

    I have learned many things- besides the fact that they are elusive in my contest persuit, I know that you can switch from different floor types with the flip of a switch. It’s lightweight which will save my aching back (I vacuum 2 times a day. 3 boys + 2 labs = constant carpet lines), and has a long cord so that I can go from living room to playroom to dining room. My oh my wouldn’t that make for a nice review Oreck?? haha.

  23. Amber says

    Wow this would be amazing to win! We definitely could use a new vacuum. I learned that the Magnesium has a HEPA filter! Thanks very much.

  24. says

    I learned that the Magnesium uses a HEPA inner bag. As air passes through the HEPA inner bag, it captures at least 99.97% of particles.

  25. says

  26. Jennifer Marie says

    I learned that it is the lightest, full-powered upright in America. My vacuum is so heavy-this would be great!!

  27. D'ana Heinlein says

    This little vacuum sounds like my dream cleaner!!! First of all, it goes to almost a flat position to get under stuff nicely – AWESOME. Second, it has the automatic snap shut for changing bag, that’s amazing – no more dirt flying all over the place. Third, it’s light weight, has a snap cord, the attachment for above the floor cleaning is a complete delight….. can you tell I LOVE to vacuum!!??? CRAZY lady here I know!!!

  28. says

    I learned that the Magnesium has two speeds, allowing me to switch between hardwood and carpet with little effort. This would be a fantastic replacement for my Oreck XL, which is on it’s last leg.

  29. says

    …AND….I tweeted it…with regret, because I’m working on sharing skills, and this is one contest I’d very much like to win. Smile.
    Shannon´s last [post] ..Listen

  30. Gailanne says

    I learned that this vacuum has 102 mph of airflow that delivers powerful cleaning, WOW!

  31. Gailanne says

    I pinned to Pinterest under “Giveaways”…
    thanks for the chance to win this amazing machine!

  32. Jannet L. says

    I love that the Oreck Magnesium has a built in hepatitis filter and transitions smoothly from all floor types. Thank you for this great giveaway!! You’re the BEST!! :-)

  33. sara basile says

    sorry i just saw that there was a winner! it said April 25th so I was confused :)

  34. Sharayah C says

    I learned that it can lay almost flat which makes it great for getting under the furniture.